Ann Rich

Ann Rich
Design Strategist

A strategist at the intersection of design and business, Ann Rich creates solutions to facilitate growth. Futures thinking and curiosity drives her to bridge the landscape of today—with the desires of tomorrow.

IDSA’s Relationship to Education: Hands-On Research Workshop

Learn how to use new, qualitative research tools to study the relationship between IDSA and design education. Katherine Bennett, IDSA, and Ann Rich will show how to use generative tools in qualitative research. Participants will receive a kit to use in short sessions with conference attendees. They also will use a new iPhone app created by Propelland for students, designers and educators to record research sessions. Armed with the tool kit and the app, participants will conduct a few, short research sessions and upload recordings and photos. Results will be presented at next year’s conference.

An iPhone® is preferred but not necessary; the uploading of the materials will be a bit more difficult with other smartphones, but not impossible.