Ann-Marie Conrado

Ann-Marie Conrado, IDSA
Assistant Professor in Industrial Design
University of Notre Dame

Ann-Marie Conrado, IDSA, is an assistant professor in industrial design at the University of Notre Dame. She was awarded the IDSA Young Educator of the Year Award for her contributions to educating the next generation of designers in realizing the potential of design to advance the common good. Before returning to academia, Conrado garnered numerous awards, including the IDEA GOLD Award. She’s also founder of HOPE Initiative, Nepal—an international nonprofit utilizing design in developing countries.

Crafting Economic Opportunity: Piloting Design Education in a Developing World Context
Anne-Marie Conrado, IDSA

Handicraft and cottage industries in Nepal have taken an enormous beating in recent decades because of stagnant product development. But with no academic product design programs in the country, the ability of companies to innovate and provide distinct value to consumers through the development of products and services meeting needs is a major factor limiting economic development.

Collaborating with Kathmandu University’s Centre for Art and Design, an effort was undertaken to develop and pilot a unique product design curriculum focused on developing design resources for handicraft and small cottage industries. Ann-Marie Conrado, IDSA, will share the progress made through the pilot program and its outcomes as well as how these experiences have translated into the rebuilding efforts in the wake of the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25, 2015.