Amy Kern

Amy Kern
Assistant Professor of Industrial Design
Metropolitan State University of Denver

Amy Kern is an assistant professor of industrial design at Metropolitan State University of Denver.  She earned her master’s degree in industrial design from Pratt Institute in New York City; her BA in religious studies with an East Asian emphasis from University of California, and has completed various international residencies and programs.

Kern’s extensive professional experience includes work globally with factories; major corporate retailers; and custom design consultancies. She is currently writing a book on Globalization and Craft Cultures.

Design like a Chef: What we can Learn from Cooking

It’s vital to nurture a creative and curious examination of the world in students at a young age. Targeted to emerging industrial design students, specifically the K-12 educational segment and the wholly uninitiated alike, teaching how to think and design like a chef is a powerful and provocative introductory concept that culminates here as a workshop series.

Amy Kern; Ted Shin, IDSA; and Dan Griner, IDSA, (himself a former chef) of Metropolitan State University of Denver outline interactive activities, games and coursework that stimulate a deeper understanding and appreciation of all of the many methodologies inherent in ID best practices.