Amina Roderick, IDSA

Amina Roderick, IDSA
User Experience Design Manager
Dassault Systemes

Amina Roderick has a MFA in industrial design from Rochester Institute of Technology and has been working in R&D for 15 years. She is a user experience designer with a background as an industrial designer in commercial product development.

Roderick began her career at Lifetime Brands, designing kitchen tools and gadgets. Seeking more challenging projects, she pursued a position at an industrial design firm. She started at mmckenna, working on Niels Diffrient’s ergonomic office chairs. This was a great opportunity to learn from one of design’s great contributors.

While at mmckenna, she began designing light fixtures for bleeding-edge LED technology and enjoyed releasing proprietary lighting. The award-winning Element lamp, manufactured by Humanscale, is the product of her research and product development skills. Later, Roderick worked in-house at Humanscale to develop their lighting product line. She continued working with LED technology at Osram, where she obtained three patents.

She became more curious about the software side of the hardware products she was designing and discovered user experience design. While attending an immersive course, she decided to concentrate on user experience. This led her to design next-generation, browser-based 3D CAD applications⁠—designing software for designers to design products.

Roderick is a champion of entrepreneurship and lends her time to design projects. She sees endless need for design in day-to-day life and believes that being a user advocate is paramount in today’s world. As more products involve both software and hardware, she believes that continual improvement is necessary for technology users. 

Statement of Candidacy

I would like to do my part to advance the mission of IDSA. Being a section director means being able to influence and guide decision making. It is up to designers to carefully plan for the interactions that we are creating within new products. If humans cannot properly communicate with computers - everyone has a problem. As a user advocate I see the importance of this complex relationship every day. There is no machine, program, or interface that doesn’t need a human touch. And these interactions grow more complex by the minute. IDSA aims to grow and educate the design community as these changes happen. I want to help with that. I am looking forward to contributing my expertise to IDSA.