Amin Hasani, IDSA

Amin Hasani, IDSA
Founder, Blue Heart Hero
New York, NY

Amin Hasani is the founder of Blue Heart Hero™, CURVD®, and Hexidome™. He is passionate about product design and development, engineering, prototyping, 3D printing, virtual reality, and finding simple solutions to complicated problems. He is the designer of projects such as Welcome Center at LaGuardia Terminal 4, Brownsville airport Information Center, cameras, kiosks, and +40 products in major banks and airports in the U.S.A. with +12 patents. 

Amin’s goal is to create a more human-friendly world through product design. 


At Blue Heart Hero he looked at disability differently. Rather than designing a prosthetic arm, he designs 3D printable attachments for products that enable amputees to have access to those products. Blue Heart Hero is an open-source platform for designers to share their simple solutions to the everyday challenges of those with disabilities to empower their choices. 

“Disabilities do not exist, but design flaws do,” says Amin, he started CURVD®  a B2B brand that designs and manufactures products designed with everyone in mind, starting with a coffee mug for every hand regardless of their shape or capabilities. A mug that serves all humans with a familiar-looking design, inviting businesses to be more accommodating and accepting of all humans. CURVD continues to create everyday products that don’t exclude those underserved groups.