Amin Hasani, IDSA

Amin Hasani, IDSA
Founder, Blue Heart Hero
New York, NY

Amin Hasani is the founder of Blue Heart Hero and Hexidome. He is passionate about product design and development, engineering, prototyping, 3D printing, virtual reality and finding simple solutions to complicated problems. Through Blue Heart Hero, he decided to dedicate his life to designing and manufacturing products that provide a more friendly world for disabled and abled bodies. 

In April 2019, interviewed Hasani about the 3D-printed assistive devices he hopes to design for amputees through Havenlabs: a nonprofit that aims to use 3D printing to help veterans and others in need.


Hasani designed, patented, and prototyped a mug that is designed to serve all humans equally, including amputees, seniors, people with Parkinson's, disabled and abled bodies. The mug is available at Burly, a coffee shop in Brooklyn, NY.

Hasani's company, Blue Heart Hero, is focused on designing human-friendly products for businesses. "If a mug is designed right," he says, then "anybody should be able to lift and use it."

His design intent for the Universal Mug, below, is for the shape of the handle to allow all people to lift it.