Alfredo Castañeda

Alfredo Castañeda
Director of Engineering
ZimmerBiomet Trauma

Alfredo Castañeda is Director of Engineering at ZimmerBiomet Trauma focusing on the development of trauma implant systems. He has twenty three years’ experience in medical devices (class III-I) across multiple device markets: Cardiology, Endovascular and Orthopaedics. With increasing responsibility in the management and execution of product development tasks involving:  design / development, process / manufacturing engineering and project management,  Castañeda's involvement spans several medical device companies from small to large corporations such Hand Innovations LLC, Cordis Corp, Biomet, ZimmerBiomet and Johnson & Johnson.  Castañeda holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and an MBA from the University of Miami.

Panel Discussion | Medical Design Development Opinions from Leading Design Consultancies & Corporations


There are many valid reasons industrial design is involved in medical design development.  While its contribution to medical devices is recognized by various awards, there are still challenges faced by ID.

For example, how do we justify ID contributions in the light of design control? Or defend our position amongst core scientists?  How do we know when it is appropriate to hire an ID firm and how are we sure it’s the correct one to meet our needs?  

This enlightening panel discussion will tackle these questions and provide insights into key issues faced by ID in the development of medical design, while inviting audience participation.