Al Nazarelli

Al Nazarelli
President and CEO
Silicon Valley Research Group

Al Nazarelli is president and chief executive officer of Silicon Valley Research Group, a global market research firm. Nazarelli leads a team of customer anthropologists who work with companies and designers to help create successful products. He is the author of white papers and articles and is an invited speaker at conferences worldwide on market research applications in product design and development.  

Nazarelli frequently has been quoted in publications including PC World, eWeek, Dow Jones Market Watch and Time. He started his marketing career at McCann Erikson Worldwide where he gained significant foundational experience in market research.  Nazarelli holds an MBA from the University of Oregon.

Customer Intelligent Design

Do you know what your customers want in your next design? Discover proven methods for capturing and incorporating customer wants and needs while building visionary and innovative designs.

Alan Nazarelli, chief executive officer of Silicon Valley Research Group, provides a step-by-step guide and real life examples from nearly two decades of helping clients design and launch superior products. Topics include:

  • Acquiring the mindset of a customer anthropologist
  • Driving user engagement in product design
  • When to be a maverick and when to listen
  • Tapping social networks
  • Lean startup and customer intelligent design
  • The Customer Intelligent Design Toolkit: “Must have” research methodologies and techniques