Meet the Candidates


The IDSA Nominations Committee is delighted to present the individuals below who have been nominated for elevated leadership roles within the Society. The positions they will fill are on the Board of Directors, Districts Committee and Women in Design Committee. Each role serves a two (2) year term, beginning in 2023 and ending in 2024. 





Jorge Paricio, IDSA
Secretary / Treasurer
Board of Directors

Sheng-Hung Lee, IDSA
At-Large Director (Awards)
Board of Directors

Shruti Parikh, IDSA
At-Large Director (Awards)
Board of Directors

Rico Ruffino, IDSA
At-Large Director (Awards)
Board of Directors

Vijay Chakravarthy, IDSA
Chapter Director
Board of Directors

Meredith Ingrassia, IDSA
Chapter Director
Board of Directors

Surya Vanka, IDSA
Chapter Director
Board of Directors

Herman Chan, IDSA
West District Representative
Districts Committee

Scott Tsukamaki, IDSA
West District Representative
Districts Committee

George K. Chow, IDSA
South District Representative
Districts Committee

Kyle Ellison, IDSA
South District Representative
Districts Committee

Priyankaa Krishnan, IDSA
Midwest District Representative
Women in Design Committee

Sophia Fornaro, IDSA
South District Representative
Women in Design Committee

Elham Morshedzadeh, Ph.D., IDSA
South District Representative
Women in Design Committee

Sasha Tseng, IDSA
West District Representative
Women in Design Committee

Marcelle van Beusekom, IDSA
West District Representative
Women in Design Committee

Write-in Candidate
Midwest District Representative
Districts Committee


Nominations Committee


Our thanks go to the Nominations Committee: Yi-Ping Wong, IDSA (Chair), Cory Herbst, IDSA, Claire Nelsen, IDSA, David Patton, IDSA, Sara Pedersen, IDSA and Emilie Williams, IDSA. In their first year of a two-year term, the team worked tirelessly over the past several months, utilizing a rigorous process centered on clarity and transparency. The process included:

  • A robust Call for Leadership

  • Distribution of a Board Candidate material packet, outlining expectations for serving on the Board (for Board of Directors Candidates)
  • Tools such as a structured interview-like process and a candidate matrix, meant to provide objectivity when building Boards and Committees that represent the IDSA community and are diverse in regard to background, age, level of IDSA experience, race, ethnicity, gender, and perspective

In line with their purpose, the Nominations Committee developed the slate of candidates for review by IDSA's Board of Directors. The slate of candidates was endorsed by the Board and is now being presented to the membership. In accordance with the Bylaws, the slate will remain posted for 30 days before voting starts.



Position Descriptions

Secretary / Treasurer (Board of Directors)

Serving as an officer of the Society and a member of the Board of Director's Executive Committee, the Secretary/Treasurer helps oversee the Society’s funds and financial records while ensuring that proper accounting procedures are followed. They work closely with IDSA’s Finance and Accounting department to develop annual reports that provide the Board of Directors a clear view of the Society’s long-term fiscal health.  

The ideal candidate has a design background yet has proven experience working on the financial side of business operations. The Secretary/Treasurer is a 'number cruncher,' competent in financial analysis and modeling who blends these skills with a designer's thinking. 

Primary responsibilities of this role from 2023-2024 include: 

  • Reviewing and advising on aspects of IDSA’s financial strategies and organizational decisions.
  • Reviewing and advising on legal documents and partnership agreements.
  • Working closely with IDSA’s executive director in defining, implementing, and maintaining the strategic direction of the organization.
  • Serves as a member of the Executive Committee.
  • Serves as the Secretary / Treasurer on the Design Foundation Board of Trustees. 

To qualify for this role from 2023-2024, the ideal candidate should: 

  • Be familiar with IDSA’s organizational structure.
  • Have relevant and proven professional organizational financial experience such as building and managing operational budgets, investment strategies, and P&L sheets.
  • Have relevant and proven professional organizational management experience. 
  • Have the ability to think both ‘long term, big-picture’ and ‘near term, quick solutions.’
  • Possess excellent communication skills (written and verbal) and be comfortable speaking in public. 
  • Have leadership experience with other non-profit organizations and/or previous Board experience with other organizations. 
  • Complement and demonstrate a good rapport with the executive director. 

At-Large Director - Awards (Board of Directors)

The At-Large Director – Awards is responsible for supporting IDSA's two main awards programs: IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards) and IDSA Awards (Fellowship, Educator of the Year, etc). Additionally, the At-Large Director – Awards collaborates with IDSA’s Education Director to oversee the annual Student Merit Awards program. They serve as Chair of the Awards Committee which oversees the annual process of vetting and honoring award recipients for the IDSA Awards.  

This individual will work closely with IDSA’s Awards staff to develop strategic recommendations for these programs and assist in implementing improvements. This may include: suggestions on processes, criteria, relevancy, growth, differentiation, and advancement. IDSA is committed to a transparent awards process built on process, rigor, and high standards of excellence for both nominees and recipients of our recognitions. 

The ideal candidate has been a juror for an awards program before or has perhaps won a few design awards themselves. 

Primary responsibilities of this role for the 2023-2024 term include: 

  • Assist in planning and execution of the annual International Design Excellence Awards. 
  • Assist in planning and execution of the annual IDSA Awards.
  • Participate, as a presenter, in the IDEA and IDSA Awards ceremonies connected to the annual International Design Conference.
  • Nominate and vet candidates for appointment to the Awards Committee.
  • May be asked to attend events put on by other organizations on behalf of IDSA. 
  • May be asked to interact with potential sponsors or other partners of IDSA. 

To qualify for this role for the 2023-2024 term, the ideal candidate should: 

  • Be familiar with IDSA's complete awards portfolio. 
  • Previously participated in an awards jury (IDSA or other organization).  
  • Has been awarded recognitions for their work as a professional designer. 
  • Enjoy planning, logistics, and content curation. 
  • Be comfortable leading a team / committee of volunteers. 
  • Have demonstrated ability to make sound judgment / non-biased decisions.

Chapter Director (Board of Directors)

The Chapter Director promotes, monitors and nurtures chapters leadership teams and represents chapters interests on the Board of Directors. This role is responsible for cultivating opportunities for relationships among chapters, sections and education representatives at universities across the country. 

The Chapter Director serves as Chair of the Districts Committee, which is made up of the District Chapter Representatives (DCR). Together, they focus on communication, education and training to grow and evolve the chapter program at the grassroots level. 

The ideal candidate has served as a District Chapter Representative (formerly District Vice President) and/or has been active in their local professional chapter. They are a proactive leader and thrive in situations where they can mentor a team to perform at a high level. 

Primary responsibilities of this role for the 2023-2024 term include: 

  • Work with DCRs and chapter leaders to identify resources and develop processes that empower them to support their local communities. 
  • Work with DCRs and chapter leaders to develop and/or propose new program offerings or chapter events that connect local communities.  
  • Identify and nurture DCRs and chapter leaders’ leadership skills. 
  • Review and approve SCARF (Section Chapter Activity Form) submissions. These are used to track and assist in chapter event planning. 
  • Support the city-based chapter initiative.

To qualify for this role for the 2023-2024 term, the ideal candidate should: 

  • Have familiarity with the IDSA chapter organizational structure.
  • Share an interest in empowering local design communities.
  • Understand the needs of wide-ranging current industrial design professional trends.
  • Be outgoing and comfortable with community outreach activities.
  • Have demonstrated ability to motivate peers to achieve their best. 
  • Be comfortable leading and collaborating with a team / committee of volunteers. 

District Representative (Districts Committee)

(West, Midwest, South)

District Chapter Representatives (DCRs) are responsible for working directly with the professional chapters and design communities within their district. Each will focus on fostering the growth of chapters in their region, mentoring chapter officers, creating connections among chapters and engaging members who live "in between" chapters. 

Primary responsibilities of this role for the 2023-2024 term include:

  • Lead and participate in regular touch-base calls with chapter leaders, IDSA staff, and other DCRs
  • Serve on the IDSA Districts Committee, chaired by the Chapter Director on IDSA's Board of Directors 
  • Assisting with the SCARF (chapter event) approval process

To qualify for this role for the 2023-2024 term, the ideal candidate should:

  • Have been involved with, or previously served as, an IDSA professional chapter leader
  • Possess excellent communication skills, written and verbal
  • Have basic knowledge of how local design events are run and enjoy passing on their knowledge to others

District Representate (Women in Design Committee)

(West, Midwest, South)

The Women In Design Committee endeavors to invite participation, encourage dialogue, and enable a community for women in design to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive industrial design profession. At the direction of the Board of Directors, the WIDC, through leadership of its Chair, will:

  • Provide mentoring and support to Women in Design Chapter leaders
  • Review and assist with the approval of new city-based Women in Design Chapter groups
  • Foster an inclusive and supportive environment for Women in Design Chapter Leaders and those who participate in Women in Design programming
  • Collaborate, coordinate, and align efforts with the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council (DEIC) on IDSA's DEI goals pertaining to Women in Design
  • Elevate issues of importance to the Board of Directors for consideration, feedback, and action
  • Assist with the curation of speakers and content for IDSA’s Women in Design Deep Dive event, in collaboration with the IDSA events staff
  • Assist in identifying future committee members to replace those whose terms have ended

To qualify for this role for the 2023-2024 term, the ideal candidate should:

  • Hold a current IDSA professional membership and be eligible to serve per IDSA’s Bylaws
  • Have prior experience leading a team and mentoring others in a professional setting
  • Demonstrated ability to inspire and support others
  • Prior IDSA chapter leadership experience is a plus.