Meet the Candidates 2021-2022


The IDSA Nominations Committee is delighted to present the following individuals who have been nominated for elevated leadership roles within the Society. The positions they will fill are on the Board of Directors and Districts Committee. Each role serves a two (2) year term, beginning in 2021 and ending in 2022. 


Our thanks go to the Committee led by David Patton, IDSA. David and the team worked tirelessly over the past several months, implementing a rigorous process centered on clarity and transparency. The process included:

  • A robust Call for Leadership
  • Distribution of a Board Candidate material packet, outlining expectations for serving on the Board.
  • Tools such as a structured interview-like process and a candidate matrix, meant to provide objectivity when building Boards and committees that represent the IDSA community and are diverse in regard to background, age, level of IDSA experience, race, ethnicity, gender, and perspective. 

In line with their purpose, the Nominations Committee developed the slate of candidates for review by IDSA's current Board of Directors. The slate of candidates was endorsed by the Board and is now being presented to the membership for voting. The slate will remain posted for 30 days before voting starts, in accordance with the Bylaws.

Nominations Committee: David Patton, IDSA (Chair), David Allan, IDSA, Autumn Groleski, IDSA, Mike Lyden, IDSA, Ellise Smolenyak, IDSA, and Yi-Ping Wong, IDSA.



Board of Directors Positions


Secretary / Treasurer

Serving as an officer of the Society and a member of the Board of Director's Executive Committee, the Secretary/Treasurer helps oversee the Society’s funds and financial records while ensuring that proper accounting procedures are followed. They work closely with IDSA’s Finance and Accounting department to develop annual reports that provide the Board of Directors a clear view of the Society’s long-term fiscal health.  

Maureen Carroll, IDSA

Chris Hosmer, IDSA


At-Large Director (Awards)


The At-Large Director – Awards is responsible for supporting IDSA's two main awards programs: IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards) and IDSA Awards (Fellowship, Educator of the Year, etc). Additionally, the At-Large Director – Awards collaborates with IDSA’s Education Director to oversee the annual Student Merit Awards program. They serve as Chair of the Awards Committee which oversees the annual process of vetting and honoring award recipients for the IDSA Awards.  

Shujan Bertrand, IDSA

Sheng-Hung Lee, IDSA

ClayVon Lowe, IDSA

Chapter Director

The Chapter Director promotes, monitors and nurtures chapters' leadership teams and represents chapters' interests on the Board of Directors. This role is responsible for cultivating opportunities for relationships among chapters, sections and education representatives at universities across the country. 

The Chapter Director serves as Chair of the Districts Committee, which is made up of the District Chapter Representatives (DCRs). Together, they focus on communication, education and training to grow and evolve the chapter program at the grassroots level. 

Vijay Chakravarthy, IDSA

Dan Hamilton, IDSA


Districts Committee Positions


District Chapter Representatives

District Chapter Representatives (DCRs) are responsible for working directly with the professional chapters and design communities within their district. Each will focus on fostering the growth of chapters in their region, mentoring chapter officers, creating connections among chapters and engaging members who live "in between" chapters.  

Lauren Roberts, IDSA

Midwest District

Chevis Watkinson, IDSA

Midwest District

George Chow, IDSA

South District

Alden Rose, IDSA

South District

Basak Altan, IDSA

West District

Matt Potter, IDSA

West District