Meet the Candidates 2020-2021


The IDSA Nominations Committee is delighted to present the following individuals who have been nominated for elevated leadership roles within the Society. The positions they will fill are on the Board of Directors, Districts Committee and Education Council. Each role, except for the Chair-Elect, is a two (2) year term beginning in 2020 and ending in 2021. 

Our thanks go to the Committee, led by Chris Brown, IDSA. Chris and the team worked tirelessly over the past year developing and implementing an improved candidate experience centered on clarity and transparency. The process included:

  • A robust Call for Interest period that featured more descriptive and meaningful position overviews
  • A Board Candidate material packet, outlining expectations for serving on the Board.
  • Tools such as a structured interview-like process and a candidate matrix, meant to provide objectivity when building Boards and committees that represent the diversity within our community. Note: diversity stretches beyond race and gender; tangible and intangible attributes are also considered, such as diversity in thought, level of IDSA experience, etc.

In line with their purpose, the Nominations Committee identified and vetted the slate of candidates to ensure they met the qualifications required to serve. Subsequently, the slate was endorsed by the Board and is being presented to the membership for voting. The slate will remain posted for 30 days before voting starts, in accordance with the Bylaws.

Nominations Committee: Chris Brown, IDSA, Vijay Chakravarthy, IDSA, Ed Dorsa, L/IDSA, Shawn Egan, IDSA, Henry Hiltner, IDSA, John McCabe, IDSA

Next Steps

  • September 2019 – The slate of candidates is posted online (below).

  • October 2019 – Online voting opens to all members in good standing. 
  • November 2019 – All candidates will be notified of the voting results (verified by an independent third-party auditing firm). IDSA membership will be made aware of the results shortly thereafter. 
  • January 2020 – New terms will begin.


Board of Directors Candidates



As Chair-Elect, the focus of the role is to prepare for their tenure as Board Chair - ensuring continuity between Board Chairs. He/she plays an active role on all aspects of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee by maintaining sight on the long-term health of the organization and contributing to our strategic priorities. The Chair-Elect automatically assumes the role of Board Chair after one year as Chair-Elect. 

As Board Chair, this individual holds the highest volunteer leadership position within IDSA. He/she presides at all meetings of the Board of Directors and must be equal parts strategist, coach, and conciliator. This role requires in depth knowledge of` organizational leadership and standard board practices. He or she must be respected in the community. After two years as Board Chair, this individual serves one year as Chair Emeritus to complete a total four-year commitment. (full description)

Jason Belaire, IDSA


At-Large Director - Conferences

The At-Large Director will be given IDSA’s conference and events related program portfolio. He/she will support the International Design Conference and Deep Dive events; developing recommendations for growing, differentiating and advancing all IDSA conferences. This role is not expected to “Chair” or be the primary individual directly planning IDSA conferences, however they will be significantly involved in the overall production of these events; ensuring they hit or exceed budget goals and deliver exceptional value for event goers. (full description)

Jeevak Badve, FIDSA

Todd Kauranen, IDSA

Education Director

The Education Director is the conduit between the professional and academic communities, ensuring the needs of our academic members (both students and professors) are voiced and met. He/She plays a large role in the oversight and administration of IDSA’s programming that highlights academic work such as Student Merit Awards, Scholarships, and Education Papers. Additionally, this individual works directly with District Education Representatives across the country to ensure that goals are being met at the local level. The programs under the Education Director’s supervision run year-round and require regular collaboration with members of the IDSA headquarter team. (full description)

Randall Bartlett, IDSA

Verena Paepcke-Hjeltness, IDSA

Sections Director

The Sections Director promotes, monitors and nurtures IDSA's Special Interest Sections and represents their interests on the Board of Directors. This role also cultivates opportunities for relationships between chapters, sections and educators through continued education development offerings that comes from the subject matter experts within IDSA’s Special Interest Sections. (full description)

Stephan Clambaneva, IDSA

Amina Roderick, IDSA


Districts Committee Candidates


District Chapter Representative(s)
(Northeast & Central)

District Chapter Representatives (DCRs) are responsible for working directly with the professional chapters and design communities within their district. Each will focus on fostering the growth of chapters in their region, mentoring chapter officers, creating connections among chapters and engaging members who live "in between" chapters. (full description)

Angela Corrado, IDSA
Northeast District

Cori Rowley, IDSA
Central District


Education Council Candidates


These individuals serve in a number of ways and help advance IDSA's efforts in celebrating the work of our academic communities. Primarily, they are the point of contact for the IDSA Student Merit Award (SMA) competition and Student Chapters in their respective districts. Each year, they serve on the jury teams responsible for reviewing work submitted by students to select SMA District Winners and Scholarship recipients. During their two-year term, District Education Representatives may also assist with organizing the annual Education Symposium. All District Education Representatives, collectively with three professional practitioners, form IDSA's Education Council. (full description)

Thomas Ask, IDSA
Northeast District

Efecem Kutuk, IDSA
Northeast District

Central District
Write-In Opportunity Available

Barry Kudrowitz, IDSA
Midwest District

Seda McKilligan, IDSA
​Midwest District

Adam Feld, IDSA
South District

Kevin Shankwiler, IDSA
South District

Ted Shin, IDSA
West District

Susan Sokolowski, IDSA
West District

Eddie Licitra, IDSA
Design Practitioner

Kat Rieser, IDSA
Design Practitioner

Design Practitioner
Write-In Opportunity Available