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Founded in 1965, Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) is one of the oldest and largest industrial design membership associations in existence. Our roots stretch to the beginning of the profession and our members are, and have been, some of the most celebrated industrial designers of all time. 


Our annual programming is largely centered on the delivery of professional development, networking events that attract participation from around the world, and gatherings in local cities across the United States via our network of professional and student chapters. These in-person and virtual events provide safe, welcoming, and engaging environments that allow members and non-members alike to enrich their lives and careers as professional industrial designers. IDSA also produces a variety of other long-standing annual programs such as the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) and Student Merit Awards, and the quarterly print publication INNOVATION magazine

Over the course of our 55+ year history, we’ve maintained a strong footing as the bedrock industrial design voice in the United States and abroad. Your support helps continue our mission to strengthen the industrial design profession and contributes to the boundless impact of design across business, culture, and society.  

For more information about any of the opportunities listed here or to discuss custom packages, please contact IDSA's Director of Events & Business Development: Carrie Green 703-707-6000.



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Our Audience (as of December 2021)

Social Media

IDSA LinkedIn 44,400 followers

IDSA Twitter 33,000+ followers

IDSA Instagram 30,700+ followers

IDSA Facebook 16,800+ followers

IDC Instagram 2,220+ followers

IDC Facebook 900+ followers

IDC Twitter 590+ followers

Website Properties 1,470,000+ annual visitors (122,500 per month) 38,450+ annual visitors

Membership Categories*

Professionals: 47%

Young Professionals: 12%

College Students: 33%

Affiliates: 3%

* Of those members who provided this information to IDSA

Membership Age* 

18-24: 29%

25-34: 30%

35-49: 22%

50+: 19%


Male: 67%

Female: 31%

Non-Binary: .5%

International Design Conference

Virtual event, continuous 24-hour livestream, September 22-23

IDC 2021 is a platform for amplifying the unique and bold voice of industrial design while celebrating the deep interconnection with other creative disciplines. It is centered on the goal of convening a diverse group of the brightest minds in design, innovation, and creativity. As always, this conversation is open to as many creative perspectives as possible. Our interest is in developing a shared dialogue that advances our ability to collaborate and magnifies the impact of our work.

The IDSA Education Symposium is conducted during IDC.

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Business of Design Deep Dive

Virtual event, 8 hours over 2 days, November 2-3

The Business of Design Deep Dive 2021 highlighted the important role industrial design plays in business successes and promotes the value designers can bring to strategic decision-making, both in the creative studio and in the board room.

Topics covered included: design management, design leadership, diversity and inclusion, business integration, design thinking and other co-creation methodologies, performance metrics, business analytics, design value, and fostering corporate and creative culture.

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Getting It Made Deep Dive

Virtual event, 8 hours over 2 days, March 17-18

This event highlighted the critical stages of the industrial design process related to bringing a product out of the conceptual stages and into the marketplace. Sessions focused on how designers today can be best prepared to lead a project’s success and ensure that end-users receive a valuable and enduring product experience. 

Topics covered included: prototyping; testing and validation; CMF selection; tooling; vendor sourcing; manufacturing; distribution; sales channels and marketing; local vs. overseas manufacturing; crowdfunding vs. venture funding; micro vs. macro production; and much more

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Sustainability Deep Dive

Virtual event, 8 hours over 2 days, June 9-10

This event leveraged our resources, processes, and voice as industrial designers to establish new ways of thinking and methodologies in our studios, companies, and corporate settings, to ensure the ongoing health of our planet and its precious resources.

Topics covered included: circular design and the circular economy; sustainable material innovations and manufacturing processes; zero-waste strategies; energy equity; sustainable consumer behavior; and closed-loop product development.

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Women in Design Deep Dive

Virtual event, 8 hours over 2 days, July 28-29

Women in Design is a gathering built to recognize the unique talents, initiatives, challenges, and successes of women in industrial design and related disciplines. This event creates a safe and welcoming space for critical conversations about the design industry and showcases the very best female-identified and non-binary designers making an impact today.

Topics covered include: diversity, equity, and inclusion; corporate and workplace culture; design trends and methodology; design leadership; mentoring; community access and resources; and much more.

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Design Voices

Design Voices is a 1-hour virtual webinar series with events that are always free for IDSA members and just $10 for non-members to attend, with recordings made available to ticket holders. 

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IDSA Live is a 1-hour interview series on IDSA’s Instagram Live, with a member of IDSA Staff interviewing one special guest and answering attendees' questions through a text-based Q&A feature. This interview is broadcasted live from IDSA’s main Instagram account (30K+ followers), with the option to save and share the recording afterward.

International Design Conference (IDC)

IDC is our marquee program for professional designers and a celebration of the diversity, overlap, and undeniable power of design. This landmark event invites influential voices to explore the multifaceted future of design and other emergent forces impacting our profession. 

Education Symposium

The Education Symposium is our premier event for design educators and academic institutions. For over 20 years, this gathering has supported the design education community through paper presentations, hands-on workshops, and interactive panels aimed at providing a comprehensive look at the state of design education, now and in the future. 

Deep Dives

This event series explores a rotating set of topics. They are intimate, tailor-made occasions to connect design professionals with other designers who share similar interests and provide an immersive environment for learning within a specific topic domain. 

Design Voices

Design Voices is a recurring series of short-form (1-hour) virtual design events that bring together top design leaders to present, discuss, and debate current trends and specific practice areas. These webinars are free for IDSA members and just $10 for non-members to attend, with recordings made available afterward to ticket holders.


IDSA Live is a 1-hour interview series on IDSA’s Instagram account, with a member of IDSA Staff interviewing one special guest and answering attendees' questions through a text-based Q&A feature. This interview is broadcasted live from IDSA’s main Instagram account, with the option to save and share the recording afterward.  


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Advertising Opportunities

IDSA has a variety of ways to expand your reach and attract new customers. Learn more below.


INNOVATION is delivered digitally and in print quarterly to IDSA professional members, design organizations, academic institutions, and C-suite executives in Fortune 500 companies around the world.

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Find A Firm Directory

A consolidated resource for those in search of industrial design expertise and business partnerships. By showcasing your design firm/agency within this directory, you can amplify your reach and showcase your unique capabilities to a broad audience of potential collaborators.

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ID Schools Directory

A consolidated resource to aid in the selection and evaluation of advanced industrial design programs in the United States and beyond. By showcasing your design program within this directory, you can amplify your reach and showcase your unique offering to a broad audience of potential students.

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Social Media

IDSA offers single post and package options for ads on IDSA’s main social media channels. For inquiries about reaching IDSA’s more than 100,000 followers across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, contact


designUpdate is IDSA’s biweekly e-newsletter that goes out to our community of approximately 20,000 industrial design professionals, educators, students, and affiliate companies worldwide. Average dU open rate: 20%

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studentUpdate is IDSA’s quarterly e-newsletter that goes out to our community of approximately 2,000 students, educators, and industrial design schools across the U.S. Average sU open rate: 47%




IDSA Ambassadors represent the very best of our industry and are leaders within their respective fields. Being an IDSA Ambassador means that these organizations are patrons of IDSA and help support our year-round programming. Through their generosity, we are able to deliver our programming to a global audience with a high level of quality and authority. In return, IDSA Ambassadors frequently contribute to IDSA programming and their stories can be found across all of IDSA's media channels, including: INNOVATION magazine, social media, email blasts to thousands of readers, at conferences and events, and on the home page of this website.

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National Industrial Design Day

Each year, IDSA celebrates with the global design community on March 5 in recognition of National Industrial Design Day. First entered into the US Congressional Record in 2015 by US Rep. Gerald E. Connolly, National Industrial Design Day declares that industrial designers “improve our lives in every way and are worthy of our recognition.”

The annual National ID Day celebration across social media, and through events with IDSA professional and student chapters across the country, encourages industrial designers to share their inspiration, dedication, hard work, and successes with the hashtag #IndustrialDesignDay. It’s also an opportunity to connect with the younger generation through outreach efforts, and to educate students and parents about choosing a career in industrial design.

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Design Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded by IDSA to increase access to industrial design education and create opportunities for emerging designers. To date, Design Foundation has distributed over $120,000 in scholarship tuition assistance to a diverse pool of talented industrial design students. Through generous donations from individuals and corporate partners, Design Foundation also provides complimentary registration to IDSA events through the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Event Access Program.

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