Malin Orebäck


Malin Orebäck
Senior Design Director, McKinsey Design 

Malin is a Senior Design Director based in McKinsey Design’s Stockholm Studio. She is a member of the EMEA Design Leadership team and leads McKinsey Design’s work in sustainability and circular economy. She has 28+ years of consultancy experience serving global clients from a wide range of industries.  



Sustainable Leadership Deep Dive 2022 Session Description


Is Designing for Sustainability Really Possible, Or Is It All Just Better Greenwashing? (co-presented with Stephan Clambaneva, IDSA)

Is sustainability truly possible? Can leaders truly be sustainable when they must make business decisions in a global, capitalistic society? Can we really make a change? Is this all an exercise in futility? 

Since the ‘I’ in ID is Industrial, we are in the business of making real things on an industrial scale. Let us not hide behind the veil of circularity and eco-design. Or do we have the responsibility, or even the duty, to step up and be the changemakers that we always say we are? Where do you land on this debate? 

This is re-inventing debate in the age of Zoom. We will debate the topic for 30 minutes and then engage the audience to continue the conversation and build on the arguments on both sides. 

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to debate the topic of sustainability
  • How to better understand both sides of this Designing for Sustainability conversation
  • The best way to counter every argument