Maaike Evers

Maaike Evers 
Mike & Maaike Inc.

Maaike Evers is the co-founder of the industrial design studio Mike & Maaike in San Francisco. Mike & Maaike spearheaded an alternative design studio formula, shaping the company as a progressive design laboratory, where self-initiated and client projects are approached with the same level of enthusiasm and experimentation. Some of their projects include "the end of driving: ATNMBL car" project (2009), the Juxtaposed Shelf series (2006), the first G1 phone for Google (2008) and the Windowseat Lounge with Haworth (2013).

Born and bred in The Netherlands, Evers brings a progressively Dutch and uniquely female perspective to industrial design. Her work is equally inspired by the tradition of craft and potential of industry, and she specializes in envisioning new product opportunities for emerging technologies and cultural shifts.

In 2011, Mike & Maaike were acquired by Google, where they focused on building industrial design culture and helped scientists, researchers and engineers build new experiences in categories ranging from the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile devices and wearables, health monitoring devices, autonomous things, alternative power projects and virtual reality (VR).

Mike & Maaike were included in the top Up and Coming Product Designers in Metropolis magazine and named in Fast Company's Most Creative People in Business in 2012 and 2014.

My Stories on Design Passion

At an early age Maaike Evers caught the bug of discovery by making things. She met Mike Simonian 22 years ago and from that moment on has worked alongside him in consultancies, corporations and in their garage. 

When Mike and Maaike decided to start their own consultancy they wanted to do things differently. Rather than continuing to focus on technology clients, typical for the Silicon Valley, Simonian and Evers reinvented themselves, focusing on independent projects in a wide range of areas including furniture, soft goods, sculpture and jewelry.  

These independent projects led to unique partnerships and a diverse body of work.

Evers will share stories of how her design passion and design energy have guided her in her journey.