Lynde Lutzow

Lynde Lutzow
Tufts University

Lynde Lutzow is a fourth-year medical student at Tufts University School of Medicine and previously worked as a design researcher for Ximedica, where her work informed the development of all classes of medical devices and healthcare services. Lutzow has guest lectured at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Massachusetts College of Art & Design and for the Open Style Lab program.

She is pursuing a career in general surgery to improve the lives of clinicians and patients by merging the practice of medicine with human-centered design.

Lutzow holds a BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design and a certificate in premedical studies from Tufts University. She expects to graduate with an MD from Tufts in May 2018.

Through the Eyes of a Designer Turned Clinician

Healthcare delivery encompasses an impressive array of technological advancements used every day to save countless lives and ameliorate suffering. Despite immense progress, clinicians and patients must endure frustrations from the devices and systems they use to get their respective jobs done to deliver care and recover from illness.

As an industrial designer-turned-medical student now at Tufts University, Lynde Lutzow has filled her notebooks not only with lab values and disease pathophysiology, but sketches and storyboards representing critical areas of opportunity.

From the morning’s first 4am coffee to the midnight appendectomy, a typical day for medical teams and patient experiences will be shared by Lutzow, along with the top five insights and opportunity areas based on her experiences on the wards and in the operating room. Participants will gain a deeper, contextual understanding of how clinicians work in real life to deliver patient care and a focused list of high yield design opportunities.

IDSA Medical Conference 2018 chair Bryce Rutter discusses speaker Lynde Kintner Lutzow.