Lucas Couto


Lucus Couto
Industrial Designer, Microsoft
IDEA Jury Member 2022-23

Lucas is a designer who believes that critical thinking is the foundation for good design. He found his passion in design methodology early in his university years and realized how design tools can empower individuals to achieve more.

He feels very privileged to have worked in holistic design consultancies in Brazil and Norway, working in the intersection between business and design, with projects spanning across Industrial Design, Branding, User Experience, and Strategic Design.

Lucas is very engaged with the design community on social media, where he co-founded Weekly Design Challenge in 2016. He has volunteered in projects to minimize the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and is currently mentoring social impact startups in Brazil.

He is currently a part of the Mixed Reality organization at Microsoft. He collaborates in Industrial Design and UX initiatives to re-imagine the relationship between humans and technology in a world where the lines between digital and physical experiences get increasingly blurry.

His holistic approach led him on a quest to find the so-called "seamless experiences" that many people talk about in design. He has not seen it or been able to design one yet.