Liana Charles, IDSA


Liana Charles, IDSA
Industrial Designer - Packaging, Sonos Inc.
IDEA Jury Member 2020-21

Liana Charles, IDSA is currently an Industrial Designer on the Packaging Experience team at Sonos, creating premium and sustainable packaging. Prior to Sonos, she worked at Newell Brands, a consumer goods company, focusing on upfront packaging innovation and eCommerce solutions.

She earned her BFA in Industrial Design with concentrations in Packaging Science and Communications and has found the sweet spot between art and science. Given her background, she is constantly challenging the norms of manufacturing, while creating and validating innovative packaging within the consumer goods industry. 

As most of her family lives outside of the United States, she values traveling and has always thought of design from a global perspective. She sees designers as advocates for their consumers and believes that in order to incorporate empathetic design, they need to step out of their shoes and see the world around them.