Laura Urquiaga


Laura Urquiaga
Innovation and Design Senior Specialist | Kaiser Permanente 

Laura Urquiaga is a human-centered designer, researcher and strategist at Kaiser Permanente with a background in journalism and industrial design. Her work ranges from the award-winning Build-a-Robot, a toy for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, to services addressing criminal justice reform.

As a former adjunct professor at San Francisco State University’s School of Design, she taught design research and product design with a focus on social impact. Her students created products for patients with Alzheimer’s disease and children with ASD. She currently uses design to address social determinants of health and leads an enterprise-wide telehealth project for caregivers.



Medical Design Deep Dive 2020 Session Description

Connecting Caregivers through Telehealth

The largest healthcare workforce in the country is family, with over 53 million Americans working as unpaid family caregivers to loved ones 50 years or older. People are living longer, families are spread apart, and Covid-19 has made visiting hospitalized family members more difficult.

Learn how Kaiser Permanente, the largest integrated not-for-profit health organization, is utilizing telehealth to empower and support caregivers in their transition from hospital to home. We’re using human-centered design, co-design sessions and micropilots to design, test, and build an ecosystem of solutions to spread across all our hospitals.