Kelly Umstead, IDSA

Kelly Umstead, IDSA
Assistant Professor of Industrial Design
North Carolina State University

Kelly Umstead, IDSA, is the chair of IDSA’s Medical Special Interest Section. The assistant professor of industrial design at North Carolina State University earned her MID from NC State University and her MS in biomedical engineering from Marquette University.

Umstead’s professional experience is rooted in research, beginning her career as an engineer with a focus on biomechanics and human movement with applications ranging from gait analysis and rehabilitation to sports science and aquatics. During the last 10 years, she worked as an industrial designer specializing in medical device design and product usability.

At NC State University, her research interests include healthcare, medical device development, user-centered design and design research methodologies.


Traceability in the Design Process: Draw the Line Between User Needs & Final Product

Industrial designers are an increasingly integral part of medical and healthcare spaces. Understanding the regulatory landscape is imperative for the approval and acceptance of medical devices.

Traceability integration provides ID students with a formal set of checks and balances to meet project requirements. Kelly Umstead, IDSA, of North Carolina State University shars how Incorporating principles of design controls in an ID studio setting reinforces student design process, promotes communication through traceable linkages and provides insight into the nuances of medical device design.