Kay Kim


Kay Kim
Senior Industrial Designer, Starbucks

Kay is currently a senior industrial designer at Starbucks as part of building the first ID team and defining the industrial design of Starbucks ranging from equipment development, store design, to future innovation strategy. Prior to Starbucks, Kay studied Industrial Design at the University of Washington, interned at Tactile, then spent five years at TEAGUE doing extensive research and strategy through traveling around the world, in addition to designing various products including consumer electronics, aviation, medical products, and space travel. 

Kay always finds a way to do side hustles when she needs a creative escape from working as a professional designer. Her illustration series @_silentlines was one of them that started as a creative expression medium but now she has a client that was one of her design idols. More than ever, Kay strongly believes that you are the one who converts luck into an opportunity.

Women in Design Deep Dive 2020 Session Description

Small Moments Fuel Big Changes: How Challenges Could Turn into Superpowers

Can you think of a small moment that actually brought you a big change? What about a challenge that actually made you stronger?  As an immigrant, minority, and female working in a male-dominated industry, Kay will share her key challenges in both of her personal and professional journey and the process of overcoming and turning those challenges into the most important events that shaped who she is today.