Kari Herlevi

Kari Herlevi
Project Director, Circular Economy at Sitra

Kari Herlevi is a versatile multi-talent in the field of circular economy. He is currently leading Sitra’s Circular Economy for Biodiversity focus area, with the aim to transition to a fair and competitive economy that tackles the root causes of biodiversity loss, climate change and overconsumption of resource by facilitating the development and scaling of the best circular solutions from Finland and the world.

Previously, Kari led the Green Growth programme at Tekes, which was associated with the circular economy and had a financing volume of more than 100 million euros. He also has experience in Silicon Valley, where he had the privilege of working with the best people in the field. Kari has master’s degrees in finance and political sciences.



Sustainability Deep Dive 2021 Session Description

Design the Waste Out with Circularity

The pandemic has made us realize how interconnected the world is and how wasteful and unstable our economic system is. There is a growing need for a more resilient economy post-pandemic where circular economy should be the main pilar of rebuilding the economy through new ownership models, behavior models and technology. Circular economy has the potential to minimize extraction of finite resources, address climate change and halt biodiversity loss. At the same time, both business-to-business and business-to-consumer customers are asking for sustainable and circular solutions. By applying these new models now, companies can be forerunners and pursue both economic and environmental benefits.