Jose Gamboa, IDSA

Jose Gamboa, IDSA
Director of Marketing and Product Design
TRUPER, US division

Jose Gamboa, IDSA, helps business owners bring new products to market through the process of market assessment, concept development and design and prototyping—including production supervision. He began his career as an industrial designer with Husqvarna. In 2006 in Italy, he collaborated with the supercar brand Pagani Automobili and Modena Design in the development of new products for super car brand Pagani. He worked in the infant mass market industry in the Georgia-based company Kids II and often traveled to Asia to oversee the manufacturing process.

Gamboa continued on to Gwinnett-based Slingshot Product Development Group, where he headed design. In 2016, he started Hatch Idea Development. Currently he is the Director of Marketing and Product Design for TRUPER, US Division. He also co-founded Sketching Lab, a 3-day intensive design event in Costa Rica. He created an innovative way to teach the basics on design sketching skills, Sketch Aerobics™, that enables new artists to draw perfect shapes almost immediately. 

Gamboa earned a master’s degree in industrial design from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and later taught as fulltime faculty at SCAD, where he was involved in Special Project Classes—partnerships with innovation-based organizations such as Carbon Motors and the Small Grant Donations Program of the United Nations.