Jordan Hildebrandt

Jordan Hildebrandt
Associate Innovation & Growth Strategist/Creative Director
The Garage Group

Jordan Hildebrandt works in product innovation—stemming from a background as an industrial designer with multi-disciplinary practice in innovation strategy, marketing and academia.

Hildebrandt’s expertise includes product design, product development, trends, social analytics, systematic inventive thinking facilitation, design thinking and design strategy—with a passion for harnessing the process of discovery through pioneering and creative innovation techniques utilizing insight activation.

She holds a BS in industrial design and an MS in marketing with a graduate certificate in innovation—both from the University of Cincinnati.

Get Spiky: Optimizing personal focus to be a better innovator and support team chemistry

As an innovation and growth strategist/creative director, Jordan Hildebrandt’s current focus is channeling her creative leadership to develop “lean” innovation capabilities and methods to help big companies innovate like startups.

Essential to building innovation capabilities, she designs and builds the teams to support these offerings. With all the recent buzz on innovation, it’s almost common knowledge that to create successful innovation teams you need interdisciplinary and cross functional skillsets. But what about considering someone’s spikiness? Spikiness refers to students/professionals who intentionally specialize in three or four skills that make them stand out, as opposed to being just mediocre at a lot of things.

In her journey through design, business—and now working with an entrepreneurial approach—Hildebrandt shares her transformation of striving to be well rounded; embracing her shift in becoming "spikier"; and the importance of understanding your strengths/passion to better support a team.