JL Holdsworth

JL Holdsworth
The Spot Athletics

JL Holdsworth is the founder of The Spot Athletics, a private training facility in Columbus, OH. His unique blend of experiences as a collegiate and professional athlete, strength coach at the University of Kentucky, world champion power lifter and founder of The Spot Athletics, have earned him an international reputation as an industry leader.

With competition best lifts of a 905 lb. squat, 775 lb. bench press and a 804 lb. deadlift, Holdsworth knows how to set achieve the highest of goals.

Purpose, Passion & Vision: The Keys to a Successful Team

In his time as a world champion athlete, JL Holdsworth has seen what it takes to build a successful team. As a business owner, he utilizes those same principles to win at business. No successful team can operate without a great leader, and that leader must build a team around purpose, passion and vision. 

To many, these are just words that you throw around as you talk about the values of your business. To a select few, who will dominate any team they are charged with, these words become a way of life.

Holdsworth will explain why you must weave these characteristics into the fabric of your life and your team, so you can win with both.