Jim Couch, IDSA

Jim Couch, IDSA


Jim Couch, IDSA, is a cynical, self-proclaimed Luddite who started his design career back in the 1980s. After several successful decades working as a design consultant, one day he found himself in a rut. Depressed and disillusioned, he decided it was time for a change.

Now, Couch heads up client services for a large user experience design group at a large $42B Fortune 100 company that produces complex digital assets. His job is to help internal clients understand the power of design. He is also the co-founder of MetalBird-USA, a manufacturer of bird-themed garden sculptures.

The Innovation Conundrum

Do companies really know how to innovate? Or are they simply giving “lip service” to appease their shareholders, employees and prospective customers?

What is innovation and who gets to decide what’s deemed innovative? Are innovation departments really worth the investment? Jim Couch, IDSA, says “Enough already. Let’s just get on with it. Not everyone’s cut out to innovate and not every company needs to go down this path.” Find out why.