Jennifer Peavey, IDSA

Jennifer Peavey, IDSA
Industrial Designer
Eastman Chemical Company

Jennifer Peavey, IDSA, is an industrial designer at Eastman Chemical. She recently completed her master’s degree in industrial design from North Carolina State University to add to her two degrees in chemical engineering from Clemson University.

This new degree is allowing Peavey to develop insights from design research to inform multi-disciplinary teams in the creation and production of materials that connect directly with human needs.

At IDSA’s International Conference 2016, she spoke on “How Design and Forecasting Methods can be Used to Inform Material Strategy.”

Tangible Value Propositions

Communication of ideas is at the heart of developing products. Articulating the value of an idea to various stakeholders is key to finding, focusing on and gaining acceptance of the best ideas.

Jennifer Peavey, IDSA, finds this generally cannot be done in a vacuum—it must be part of a larger conversation with people who speak one of the languages of engineering, business or design.  Prototypes, in various degrees of resolution can help convey the value of an idea to and between these groups—without the need to speak a specialized language.