Jeff Feng

Jeff Feng
Assistant Professor, Industrial Design
University of Houston

Jeff Feng is a designer and design educator with more than 15 years of experience in designing new products, providing product development service in the industries of healthcare, consumer electronics, product packaging, etc.

His work has been featured in ID, Metropolis, Medical Design and Appliance Design magazines. Feng has led his design team to win numerous recognitions, most notably IDSA’s International Design Excellence Award (IDEA), Medical Design Excellence Award and an ID magazine award. Feng holds more than 40 US and international design and utility patents.

Cultivating Creativity Through Empathy: An Empathy Focused Framework in Design Studio Teaching

Empathy development has been recognized, discussed and implemented in design practice for more than 20 years. Although empathy also is addressed in design education—the understanding of its potential impact on students’ creativity and the depth of its application are limited.

Empathy development often is seen as a part of the early stage research of a project, but not a main thread weaving through the whole design process, nor as the main mechanism contributing to students’ creative performance. Through a brief review of how empathic research has evolved in design, Jeff Feng, assistant professor of ID at University of Houston, proposes an empathy focused framework in a design studio teaching context.