Jason Belaire, IDSA - Statement of Candidacy

Chair-Elect | 2020 -2024 Term


I have gladly spent almost seven years on the Board of Directors (BOD) for the IDSA, first as District Vice President for the Western U.S. and nowas  Director at Large – Conferences. 

Historically, during each Board Meeting, I would either wear my Dr. Martens or carry a slight provocateur-like demeanor in order to question the organization and relate the concerns of my fellow IDSA members. I generally felt heard by my fellow BOD members, but many times felt like the kind of improvement and change that was needed was far-reached. As an IDSA member, this left me feeling ingrained and yet distant at times. 

Upon taking this prestigious position on the Board, I was transitioning out of being a corporate design resource, with all of its monetary backing, and moving into a sole proprietorship. This resulted in a unique experience as a BOD member, because I had to pay for everything out of my own pocket. I had to work extra hard to keep up with regular work-related responsibilities and perform at the highest level expected as a BOD member.

Being on the BOD has helped me connect to various industries and has put me in positions of influence. I have been on the Presidential Advisory Board for the AIGA-Colorado chapter. In 2018, I organized and curated the most successful Denver Design Week to date. I also was asked to be on the Advisory Board for Stuktur Event, Denver Does Design, The ONE Club, and academic institutions in the Rocky Mountain area.