Jason Belaire, IDSA

Jason Belaire, IDSA
Belworld Creative, Inc.

To compliment his 25+ years as a successful industrial designer, entrepreneur, and investor, Jason Belaire is an overall design advocate. He has spent almost seven years on the Board Of Directors for the IDSA as District Vice President for the Western U.S. and now serves in the role of Director At Large – Conferences. Some of his core competencies are to research, develop, and curate conference experiences for the design community and broaden the conference portfolio for IDSA. This includes the 2019 “SOLD OUT” International Design Conference (IDC) located in Chicago. As part of the curation process, Jason has to directly communicate with some of the world’s top designers and creatives. He engages them with in-depth conversations that lead to a knowledge base that is unique to the design community regarding cultural trends, inclusivity + diversity, and overall organizational sustainability.

Part of the general responsibilities of serving on the BOD of the IDSA is to constantly advocate on behalf of Industrial Design. As a result, Jason organized, curated, and emceed the 2018 Denver Design Week, which is regarded as the most successful DDW thus far. Belaire also sits on the Advisory Board for Struktur Events (Outdoor Industry Design Conference), the Advisory Board for Denver Does Design, and The ONE Club, constantly promoting IDSA in each effort. 

Nine years ago, Belaire helped co-create and is currently managing all design content for the Trend and Design Center for the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show (the world’s largest trade show for the outdoor industry). Additionally, Belaire consults with various design programs at local universities in the Rocky Mountain region. In this role, he provides educational strategies that push the status quo and offer new ways of looking at academia, in order to better provide future designers with the tools and opportunities for optimum success. He also was invited to judge the 2019 Taipei International Design Awards program, and will be giving a presentation on “Emotional Intelligence + Critical Thinking” in Taiwan. Belaire recently fulfilled his tenure as Presidential Advisory Board for the AIGA of Colorado, where he advised the local Colorado BOD on best practices and how to retain members and board positions.

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he lived for nearly seven years, Belaire engaged in all things design-related. He attended design events put on by the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), as well as events put on by the Ministry of Modernization, Innovation, and Technology of the City of Buenos Aires, the CMDI. The level of networking Belaire experienced while living in Argentina enabled him to connect with the leaders of top international organizations, businesses, and various consulates. This left him with a deep understanding and respect for culture and language, which he relies to this day.

As a creative resource, Belaire would provide industrial design services, design strategy, and product development for high-profile global clients in categories ranging from commercial/consumer products such as lighting, technical mountaineering tents, HVAC specific packs, various lifestyle products, lightweight and durable technical backpacks, and technical children’s products. Jason strategically works with clients to create “environmentally” positive changes, inter-design cultural development. and overall Design Thinking principles. He is an Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker & Presenter, Conference Chair, Content Creator, Creative Cultural Director at Large, Industrial Designer, Product Manager, Graphic + Brand Language Developer, and Packaging Designer.

Statement of Candidacy for Chair-Elect

I have gladly spent almost seven years on the Board of Directors (BOD) for the IDSA, first as District Vice President for the Western U.S. and nowas  Director at Large – Conferences. 

Historically, during each Board Meeting, I would either wear my Dr. Martens or carry a slight provocateur-like demeanor in order to question the organization and relate the concerns of my fellow IDSA members. I generally felt heard by my fellow BOD members, but many times felt like the kind of improvement and change that was needed was far-reached. As an IDSA member, this left me feeling ingrained and yet distant at times. 

Upon taking this prestigious position on the Board, I was transitioning out of being a corporate design resource, with all of its monetary backing, and moving into a sole proprietorship. This resulted in a unique experience as a BOD member, because I had to pay for everything out of my own pocket. I had to work extra hard to keep up with regular work-related responsibilities and perform at the highest level expected as a BOD member.

Being on the BOD has helped me connect to various industries and has put me in positions of influence. I have been on the Presidential Advisory Board for the AIGA-Colorado chapter. In 2018, I organized and curated the most successful Denver Design Week to date. I also was asked to be on the Advisory Board for Stuktur Event, Denver Does Design, The ONE Club, and academic institutions in the Rocky Mountain area. 

Prior to taking the seat of my elected position on the BOD, I was the IDSA Chapter Chair for the Rocky Mountain region. When taking over for this Chapter, my launch event drew in almost 150 designers in attendance. I was able to retain and engage these designers with meaningful content based on a high level of vision, leadership, and the curation of high-level experiences. 

As the District VP for the West District, managing IDSA’s District Design Conferences was part of the core competencies for this elected position. I kept my momentum up by constantly researching, exploring, and holding many conversations with my constituents to ensure that the content was valuable enough to justify their attendance, and was successful in doing so.

During my more recent tenure on the BOD, I was privileged to witness and partake in many changes that were needed to ensure that we were an organization of inclusivity and diversity. We also needed to embrace what today’s culture requires in order to ensure our future success. This meant there was some hard decisions that had to be made. The inevitable need to search inwardly to find the areas we needed to improve upon was required.

I have spent many years asking other design professionals and their organizations hard questions about the IDSA, their specific membership models, and their approach to the never-ending questions around “value propositions.” I have encouraged by them to know that we are all striving to create the best outcomes for our members, and that we are all in a similar situation. To ensure maximum success, I have also have educated myself by reading a multitude of books pertaining to organizational alignment, Design Thinking/culture building, and general design trends. 

I know that the IDSA has the potential to grow more than ever imagined. To be an organization that will provide the best resources for industrial designers in terms of content and community—and to prepare us for the future—I want to create an experience that is unparalleled to every other organization: pulling in all conversations about design with a focus on ID.