Jake Eshelman

Jake Eshelman
Founder and Creative Director
Side Project Skateboards

Jake Eshelman is founder and creative director of Houston-based Side Project Skateboards—a brand of handmade, vintage-inspired skateboards crafted from recovered woods and American-made components.

Having dodged what would have been a career in law, Eshelman instead pursued an unconventional career in the creative industry where he leverages his background in woodworking, branding and photography—among many other interests. He’s a devoted cat dad, has set foot in North Korea and always looking to get into a tasteful bit of trouble.

No One Needs Another Predictable Anything

Brands are people. They’re living, breathing, complicated sorts of creatures that bumble about during our daily lives. Despite their capacity to grow and evolve, the vast majority of brands and business remain static.

Founder and creative director of Side Project Skateboards, Jake Eshelman, will offer insight into the unique production process behind his skateboards and share their brief creative history to illustrate the many insights, opportunities and lessons you can learn from building a fluid brand.