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INNOVATION is delivered in print quarterly to IDSA professional members, design organizations, academic institutions, and C-suite executives in Fortune 500 companies around the world. With many design firms electing to spread their association membership investment among several allied professional organizations, INNOVATION, boasts a pass-along readership of over 10,000. Issues of INNOVATION dating back to its first issue in 1982 can be still be found in design and business offices worldwide—meaning your ad will have longevity unrivaled by other design publications. For the past several years, issues have been made available digitally to anyone with an internet connection to read on their computers or tablets. 


Readers come from the following types of organizations: corporations (35%), design firms (44%), design educators (7%) ,and others. Readers hold positions such as business executives, corporate design managers, heads of design firms, and design consultants. Readers represent all segments of industrial design, including automotive, medical equipment, furniture, consumer electronics, housewares, and more. There is no more cost-efficient way to reach the industrial design community than by advertising in INNOVATION.


For advertising details, please contact Carrie Green at 703.707.6000 x100,




INNOVATION is published quarterly. Here is the schedule of deadlines for advertising in the 2021 issues. Dates subject to change without notice.

Spring 2021 Issue
Ad Orders / Materials Due – February 5
Issue Release to Print – March 26
Printed Issue in Hand – April

Summer 2021 Issue
Ad Orders / Materials Due – April 2
Issue Release to Print – May 21
Printed Issue in Hand – June

Fall 2021 Issue 
Ad Orders / MaterialsDue – July 2
Issue Release to Print – August 27
Printed Issue in Hand – September

Winter 2021 Issue
Ad Orders / Materials Due – October 1
Issue Release to Print – November 19
Printed Issue in Hand – December