IDSA Special Achievement Award Nomination Form

Thank you for taking the first steps in recognizing a member or group within our community for consideration of an IDSA Special Achievement Award. The IDSA Special Achievement Award may recognize individuals, organizations, or specific projects notable for their creativity, innovation, passion or achievement in advancing the industrial design profession. Recipients of this distinction, through their recent work, have garnered special attention that spans industry lines and made a significant contribution to their area of expertise.

This nominations form will collect information the IDSA Awards Committee will use when evaluating candidates for an IDSA Special Achievement Award. Nominations for this distinction must be accompanied by letters of recommendation on behalf of the candidate and other documentation related their career and achievements. We recommend that you review the form before completion in order to ensure that you have all necessary documentation at hand. All candidates who qualify are rigorously evaluated by IDSA's Awards Committee and subsequently approved by IDSA's Board of Directors before being bestowed with this great honor.

This award may be presented to IDSA members and non-members. More than one Special Achievement Award may be given each year.

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