Henry Hiltner, IDSA

Henry Hiltner, IDSA
Designer / Owner
dVERB Studio

Growing up in Seattle, Henry Hiltner was surrounded by family members in the design trades who encouraged his curiosity for the built environment and the objects we interact with every day. Over time, he developed deep industry experience in product design and production, design leadership, management, branding and business consulting.

Hiltner runs dVERB studio, from Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market, focused on consumer product design and branding. He also partners with paulwylde studio in California, leading international design projects for the aviation, travel, and hospitality industries, for business leaders and Fortune 500 companies including, Boeing, Panasonic, Delta, Hilton, and Air Canada.

Previously, Hiltner established Shelter + Prospect, a boutique studio designing and manufacturing a signature collection of furniture, housewares and jewelry. He also co-founded a specialty clothing brand, a martial arts academy and a consumer accessories company for Apple products. Hiltner taught at the Art Institute of Seattle and ran the prototype shop, helping students develop successful projects. As a former account executive at Design Within Reach, he has a deep understanding of the high-end client experience, vendor relations, purchasing, specification and user-centered product development.

Hiltner has served as board chair of IDSA Northwest for three years and as interim West District Chapter Representative. He has a passion for promoting and encouraging the advancement and awareness of good design, while building community in the Seattle area and beyond.

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