Hector Silva, IDSA

Hector Silva, IDSA
Research Associate in Industrial Design
University of Notre Dame

Words such as enthusiastic, motivational, inspirational and collaborative come to mind when describing Hector Silva’s passion for design education. Named IDSA’s Young Educator of the Year in 2017, he has taught at the University of Illinois at Chicago and currently teaches at the University of Notre Dame. Previously, Silva founded H Design, working for Nickelodeon, DesignLab, Foster Grant, Insight Product Development and LeapFrog. Silva is currently the chair of the IDSA Chicago Chapter.

Sketching Stories

Industrial designers use sketching to establish context, communicate ideas and—perhaps most importantly—tell stories. Telling stories is natural; it's an intuitive method to visually explain methodology, think through a problem and define a final solution. During this interactive workshop, Hector Silva and Carly Hagins will guide participants through the process of using storytelling to make their sketches more meaningful. Participants will leave the session well-equipped with tools and techniques to bring their sketching to the next level.