Hayley Hughes

Hayley Hughes
IBM Design Language Lead

Hayley Hughes leads the IBM Design Language practice and works out of the Austin, Texas design studio. She is responsible for driving unity through the experience of all of IBM's products. Her personal goal is to empower product teams to transform human needs into thoughtfully made products.

Hughes holds her master's degree in graphic design and drives projects to improve early career design education at IBM. She also speaks about design-driven data visualization and the challenges of maintaining global brand fidelity at events hosted by industry leaders such as Adaptive Path, Monotype and Invision.

Previously, Hughes worked for The Rubin Museum of Art, former President Bill Clinton, Kate Spade and NBC.

Designing for Everyone: Inclusive Design is Good Business

In the design of physical products, the principle of universal design has long been embraced to elevate society while doing good business. But as designers go digital, the idea of being inclusive has to scale in ways like never before.

In tech, for example, designers frequently work on large, global teams and must build relationships with all kinds of people. The experiences they design for touch users across every continent around the world. The strength of their collaboration makes the difference between the success or failure of their offerings in the market.

Hayley Hughes, IBM design language lead, asks when we're all-inclusive in the 21st century, how does it change the definition of what it means to be a designer?