Garrett Paymon

Garrett Paymon
Director of Business Development 
Luxion, Inc.

Garrett Paymon is the Director of Business Development for Luxion, Inc. the Makers of KeyShot 3D rendering software.  Garrett has held numerous roles in the 8 years he has been with Luxion traveling internationally to train customers, resellers & startups.  He has been in technical sales for over 20 years providing hardware and software solutions to a myriad of clients.  He has a passion for technology, dogs and anything that challenges the status quo!

KeyShot 3D Rendering Essentials

If you’re interested in learning KeyShot quickly for a strong foundation in creating photorealistic images or want to catch a few things you may not have known, this workshop is for you. Topics covered include import options, assigning and editing materials, applying textures and labels, HDRI and physical lighting, cameras and more. Learn about new improvements with KeyShot 7 such as new materials, improved texture mapping, new procedural textures and workspaces. You’ll also walk away with tips and tricks to make your KeyShot workflow more efficient.

KeyShot 7 Advanced Feature Overview 

Looking to get the most out of KeyShot? In this workshop you will learn how to use the Pro features of KeyShot 7. You’ll be able to create high-quality visuals even faster after learning about multi-materials, the material graph, geometry editor, model sets, studios and the configurator. Animation and KeyShotXR will also be covered.