A Framework for Designing in a Sensor Full World | Roger Jackson

Today’s world of sensor-enabled devices has grown rapidly to the point where even objects that have no place being “smart” are now connected. We see examples of where technology fails to solve a problem and ends up just creating new ones. In 1942, Asimov’s Laws of Robotics attempted to “safeguard” future mankind by presenting rules that would protect humans in a robot-filled future. Now in 2015 with autonomous vehicles and drones, we’re actually reaching the point where Asimov’s sci-fi theories are close to becoming reality in a galaxy that isn’t so far, far away.

Roger Jackson of TEAGUE asks, as we continue to design smart devices, are we fully aware of the consequences of our actions? What principles are we following to safeguard human’s privacy, safety and rights? Jackson will try to start the conversation by presenting a framework of principles for designing with sensors.