Ventrify is a product design, engineering, and manufacture firm that helps entrepreneurs bring product ideas from concept to market. We take in fledgling ideas and bring them through our iterative design process to create products our clients can be proud of. Then, we work with manufacturing facilities across the world to bring our clients the highest quality products at competitive prices.

We commit ourselves to every project we take on and believe our key to success is helping our clients achieve success. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to market by tackling their product design challenges.



Services & Capabilities

  • Problem Discovery
  • Ideation
  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Design and Engineering
  • Electrical Design and Engineering
  • Firmware Design and Engineering
  • Prototyping and Testing
  • Factory Sourcing
  • Manufacture Quality Control


Riyaz Khair
22 E 5th Ave #400
Vancouver, BC V5T 2W9


Project Portfolio

  • The EZ Treat: All Your Dog Treat Carriers in One

    A one-handed dog treat dispenser that combines many of the best features of existing solutions and delivers a single serving of dog treats every time!

    The Story:

    Taking his dog to the dog park every evening, Felix saw a variety of treat containers—from plastic bags to Tupperware containers to cinch bags—that were always carried along with waste bags in a fanny pack or backpack. But the plastic bags would rip, and the Tupperware containers would spill, and cinch bags allowed sneaky puppers to chow down.

    We were tasked with an all-in-one product with all the features necessary for an intense session at the dog park – multifunctional, easy to use, easy to fill and clean, and that works every time.

    By laying out all the requirements of the project, we realized they could be solved with one complex product, or two much simpler products. We settled on two products that worked hand in hand, the EZ Treat dispenser and the Light Walk Bag. The EZ Treat is a dog treat dispenser that is easy to use, easy to clean, and works with almost any dog treats. Alongside it, the Light Walk Bag carries the EZ Treat, dog bags, and loose items you have with you.

  • The Monday Keyboard

    Monday Keyboards aims to bring a customizable and ergonomic typing experience to the passionate desktop user. The split-ortholinear design provides a strain-free typing position while allowing natural finger movement. Additional thumb keys add rich functionality through fully customizable key layering.

    The Story:

    Humam and Henry both had spent a lot of time on their computers and loved customizing what they used. They both had their preference in keyboards and believed that when using something all day, it should be as personalized and efficient as possible. They decided to create the Monday Keyboard, a project that would give them access to an ergonomic, fully customizable keyboard.

    There are many ergonomic keyboards out there. The challenge was to find the balance—something that wasn’t extremely different and therefore difficult to use, yet providing most of the benefits of an ergonomic keyboard.

    The Monday Keyboard is a split keyboard design that addresses the desk hunch, and an orthonormal key layout that fits the natural motion of the fingers. A key mapping software allows keys and rotary encoders to be personalized and provides 10+ key layers, offering the same functionality with a smaller keyboard and less hand movement.

  • Hotti Dog Leash by Hotti

    The Hotti Dog Leash is a premium heated dog walking leash made for Canadian winters.

    The Story:

    Matt came to Ventrify with a prototype for a different product he had been working on, but after doing some detailed analysis, he decided to pivot. After much concept ideation, we landed on the concept of a heated dog leash—and the Hotti Dog Leash was born.

    Ventrify was tasked with combining an already luxury dog leash and adding heating functionality, all while keeping it compact, light, and stylish.

    The initial design evolved significantly to overcome the space constraint challenges. A working, aesthetic prototype has been created and the product is now in the crowdfunding stage to validate the market opportunity and understand production quantity demands.

  • The Nobu Foam Roller by Salus

    A muscle recovery device that combines traditional pressure-based therapy with heat and vibration.

    The Story:

    Kalum spent years rehabilitating an injury that required him to spend time massaging, heating, and foam rolling his hip every single day. He knew there had to be a better way, but he couldn’t find a solution, so he decided to create it.

    Ventrify was brought on to bring the product from an early-stage prototype to a market ready prototype. Challenges included the custom foam design, as well as long term reliability of product components under constant heat and vibration.

    Redesigning the electrical and mechanical systems, we were able to achieve the desired heating and vibration settings. A factory that had experience with rubber molding was also brought in to manufacture the custom foam exterior. Kalum is now testing the functional, aesthetic prototypes with influencers and athletes.

  • The Tie Master

    An elegant method to organize and display neck ties for the tie connoisseur.

    The Story:

    George has been wearing and collecting ties for the past 20 years. With over 100 ties, he needed a way to organize and display his tie collection, and seeing no good options for more than 20 ties, he decided to create the Tie Master.

    Ventrify was tasked with redesigning George’s hand-made, wooden prototype into a manufacturable product that was easy to install, sturdy, and adjustable.

    After a re-designing the product to better suit the mass market, a method to fold the product was added. We sourced a factory to manufacture the Tie Master, managed the quality control on the first order, then updated the design for the second order.

  • The Vendometer

    The Vendometer allows commercial coffee machine operators to remotely manage their fleet of equipment from machine ingredient levels to machine repairs and malfunctions.

    The Story:

    The client managed an office coffee service company and found major inefficiencies dealing with coffee machine inventory levels and repairs without remote access to machine data.

    The challenge was to create a hardware device to plug into existing commercial coffee machines and provide an accurate display via a webapp in order to give users intel on their fleet of coffee machines.

    After reverse engineering the coffee machine electronics, different methods of integration and functionality were tested. The final design incorporates a web app that helps operators access machine level data remotely. The product is now in testing across a variety of locations.