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TEAMS is an award-winning design firm with over 100 professionals including designers, engineers and strategists, all from diverse backgrounds. You can think of us as a colorful mix, just like our brand colors.

We specialize in global product-oriented brand development in the areas of industrial design, user experience design, interaction design.

Our talent to take concepts all the way from strategy to realization sets us apart and makes us experts in delivering strategies that can be successfully implemented and sustained. W

We are headquartered in the historic city of Esslingen, Germany—just outside of Stuttgart and in Germany’s economic powerhouse region. A truly global company, our flourishing studios are located in Hamburg, Chicago, Belgrade, and in Shanghai.

With more than 60 years of experience and over 1,000 prestigious design awards, we are one of the longest-running design consultancies in the world. Not only are we the longest-running—so is the duration of our relationships with our clients. Our collaboration with over 300 clients helps us look forward to more than 650 projects per year.




  • Siemens
  • Hitachi
  • Dräger
  • Intel
  • NXP
  • SAP
  • Samsung
  • Philips
  • Körber
  • United Imaging
  • Airbus
  • Krone
  • Bergmann
  • Dremel
  • Fiskars

Services & Capabilities

  • Industrial Design
  • Strategy
  • User Interface Design
  • Concept Design
  • Product Development & Engineering
  • Visual Brand Language
  • Research & Ideation
  • Brand Communication
  • Prototyping
  • Global Support
  • Packaging
  • Material Lab
  • Ergonomics
  • User Experience Design
  • Interaction Design
  • IxD Interaction Experience


TEAMS is a highly acclaimed global design agency and have accumulated over 1000 awards in the past 65 years.
Some of our recent accolades include:

  • iF Design Awards 2021: Bosch, Dräger, Hitachi, Essilor
  • Telematik Award: STILL OPX iGo neo
  • European Product Design Award / EPDA: Hitachi Air Conditioning Wall Controller
  • International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA): Essilor
  • IFOY Award: RX 60 STILL
  • iF Design Award / Reddot: Bosch GO (Second Generation)

Selection of previous awards:

  • iF Product Design 2013: Bosch Digital Conference System
  • IDEA 2012, Bronze: Still cubeXX Concept Forklift
  • Plus X 2012: Dremel Saw-Max
  • Good Design 2012: Chicago Cutlery Design Pro Knives, Dremel Saw-Max
  • Medical Design Excellence Award 2012, Gold: Safepole IV Pole

Project Portfolio

  • STILL + TEAMS: Experience the New Electrifying Performance

    We are thrilled to welcome the new STILL RX 60, the outcome of the close collaboration between STILL & TEAMS. As intralogistics processes are becoming faster and connected; it’s even more important to have the highest handling performance, comfort, and usability. 

    This new forklift offers a smart onboard computer to fully control the performance and visualization of all necessary data at a glance. 

  • SIEMENS + TEAMS: Charging into the Future

    The world is making extraordinary leaps in the development of electric-powered transportation design solutions. This is why Siemens approached us with the task of designing their charging system for electric vehicles. Our task? An iconic, simple and intuitive visual appearance, combined with improved usability to clearly show that the future of charging is here.  

    We had to meet a wide range of requirements when developing three distinguished product families for the Siemens e-charging stations. The result, a State of the art and equally bold design that integrates perfectly into any environment and any purpose, it sets a clear mark for Siemens as the leading supplier of charging infrastructure. 

  • WERUM + TEAMS: Connected, Mobile & Efficient – Welcome, Pharma 4.0! 

    Since 2013, TEAMS and Körber work in close collaboration on their Manufacturing Execution System (Werum PAS-X MES). Different parts and components come into play in the ample amount of solutions that Körber provides. The main goal is to always meet the highest standards in terms of documentation of work processes while delivering the best software usability.  

    We collaborate on the creation of visual guidelines, thus allowing future iterations within a homogeneous design across all the different projects and digital platforms. Additionally, front-end development, concepts of usability, and prototypes are delivered at an early stage to facilitate user testing and necessary improvements. 

    All of this serves end-to-end reliability on the brand and its technology.  

  • ESSILOR + TEAMS: Low Cost + Low Tech = Gamechanger 

    TEAMS Chicago participated in Essilor’s See Change Challenge, motivated by the opportunity of designing for a good cause. A device that would be cost-effective for NGOs to distribute among developing countries, working with existing social-culture structures and not requiring cultural change for its success. 

    It was of extreme importance that the solution could reach places beyond trained personnel and could also be easily used. In rural villages worldwide, people struggle to work, stay in school or support their families because of their lack of access to eyesight testing.

    A "design thinking" task that resulted in technically driven concepts rather than app-based solutions. 

  • DRÄGER + TEAMS: Birth of a Holistic Software Eco-System

    With CSE Connect, we helped implement a new design system and established processes and methods to build the foundation of Dräger’s digital portfolio. This includes desktop and mobile applications as well as embedded systems. 

    Together we set out to develop the visual language for the entire Dräger Safety software ecosystem. 

    The main goal of the design system is to create UIs that ensure the safety of user groups and support them in both everyday work scenarios and life-threatening situations. The system includes various settings, libraries, and coded components, resulting in a professional, effective solution with adept use of various design elements, such as color, font, signals, icons, and sound.

  • BOSCH + TEAMS: Stronger Together

    The design of BOSCH professional power tools has been pushing the market for more than 60 years in collaboration. 

    Our purposeful development approach of multiple product ranges has been a testimonial to the brand's success, the recognizability of its visual language, and the strength of innovation in each of their product families. 

    To us, collaborating successfully means more than just product design. It is about continuously renewing yourself, your services, the collaborative relationship and - most importantly - the client’s brand and products without losing track of where you are. One of our greatest triumphs and honors, BOSCH products continue to be one of our most passionate investment into visual brand language development. 

  • BISSELL + TEAMS: Intelligent Solutions Through Global Design

    Working together on front-end strategy with BISSELL North America, and with the design and engineering team from China, gave this project a balanced brand story. We crafted each detail carefully to ensure all touchpoints exceed user expectations.

    Global collaboration helps us achieve great solutions for the benefit of users and customers around the world. For this reason, even though we have a clear strategy behind marketing and engineering for the SmartClean project, we left the door open to our global team to explore possibilities and welcome different points-of-view.





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