TEAGUE is the original design consultancy. Founded in 1926 by design pioneer Walter Dorwin Teague, TEAGUE’s portfolio spans many firsts: the Polaroid camera, the UPS truck, Texaco-branded service stations, the Pringles can, and the Xbox. Along the way, TEAGUE has designed the interior of every Boeing commercial airplane every produced—including the revolutionary 787 Dreamliner.

Today TEAGUE is 300+ thinkers and doers with talents spanning everything from industrial design and interaction design to branding and robotics. All of TEAGUE’s talents are focused specifically on travel and technology innovation, working on projects such as the NIKE + TEAGUE Athlete’s Plane, next-generation devices for Intel and Samsung, the DENNY e-bike, and the Boeing 777X.


Project Portfolio

  • DENNY Bike

    The DENNY bike is about returning the rider to those early days of carefree riding, when cycling was just about ‘get up and go’ freedom. From the auto-shifting electric assist, smart reactive lighting, integrated locking and the redefining of the fender, DENNY is the “all in” cycling solution that meets riders security, safety and convenience needs. 

  • Boeing 787 Dreamliner

    The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is the most successful commercial airplane launch in the history of aviation with more than 1000 orders valued at nearly $200 billion. The airplane features an expansive inner architecture as well as dynamic LED lighting that replicates day-to-night light patterns, dimmable windows 65 percent larger than the competition’s and larger stow bins. The interplay between light and structural lines underscores the spacious feel of the cabin, further enhanced by the intelligent use of material layering. The revolutionary Dreamliner expends 20 percent less fuel, produces 20 percent fewer emissions than similarly sized airplanes and also has 30 percent lower maintenance costs and 10 percent better operating costs.

  • B/E Aerospace + Panasonic Waterfront Seat

    The Waterfront Seat features seamless and holistic integration of next generation IFE and personal environmental controls with a high density, all aisle access business class seat to deliver a new level of class and comfort. Designed to be an intimate passenger oasis with intuitive controls, Waterfront enables passengers to individually tailor their environment. Lighting is automatically adjusted to the passenger’s activities and preferences while environmental controls for seat heating, cooling and airflow are also all personalized. Providing an unparalleled cinema experience, the 4K touch screen monitor can be controlled by a premium second screen controller, an intuitive hand-held remote, or paired to the passenger’s own device.  

  • Poppi Airline of the Future

    Poppi is a concept for an airline of the future, a prototype for a startup brand unencumbered by the status quo. Poppi is designed to illuminate the unique requirements of airlines operating five- to ten years from now. The biggest enemy of today’s airlines isn’t cutthroat competition or complex regulatory processes—it’s the status quo. Conventional thinking about the way we structure and operate our businesses leaves us vulnerable to the innovations of others. This is how Uber upended the taxicab industry, and how Airbnb is challenging hoteliers. The airline industry’s current trajectory of taking more—and giving less—to increasingly dissatisfied passengers is a perfect set-up for disruptive innovations like Poppi.

  • Intel Personal Billboard

    Personal Billboard is a design exploration that engages people to interact and express who they are to those in the same proximity using a dual-screen laptop. Developed as a Windows 8 app, Personal Billboard allows people to quickly post text and images to the external-facing screen of the laptop. Other people in the same proximity can interact with that content digitally (by “liking”, voting on, or getting a copy of displayed content), or they can begin a conversation that wouldn’t have otherwise happened without Personal Billboard. This project redefines what it means to be social with a digital device.

  • TEAGUE + NIKE Athlete’s Plane

    The Athlete’s Plane is an interior cabin concept designed in collaboration with Nike to help athletes prepare and recover while traveling to and from away games. A complete training room in the sky, the Athlete’s Plane provides pre- and post-game necessities to maximize performance, readiness and recovery. Amenities include lie-flat seating to accommodate athletic builds, ‘plug into plane’ compression sleeves to ice sore muscles, a zoned cabin configuration to separate noise, and biometric testing and analysis in-flight.  





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TEAGUE is the recipient of more than 150 top tier design awards over the past decade spanning everything from product design to user experience, design strategy, environments and more.

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