We design innovative, beautiful products that make people’s lives better. That’s how our work propels companies in new mobility, consumer, and commercial product markets. We consider everything, from the needs of our clients to the ideal user experience, and after nearly 90 years of design, we know what it takes to elevate solutions from purely functional to exceptional.

Recent projects include Hyundai’s robotic walking car concept 'T.I.G.E.R.', SproutsIO: a start-up product that is revolutionizing the garden-to-table movement, Affinity Tool Works’ ‘Speedhorse’: the world’s fastest deployable sawhorse, and more.

We're a full-service Product Innovation Studio including Industrial Design, Innovation Strategy, Design Research, Engineering, and Prototyping - all under one roof in Metro-Detroit Michigan. 



  • Ames True Temper
  • Artic Cat
  • Brass Craft
  • Canadian Tire
  • Carrier
  • Chrysler
  • Club Car
  • Coca-Cola
  • Conair
  • Ditch Witch
  • Electrolux
  • Haier
  • Hyundai
  • IBM
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • InSinkerator


  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Kenmore
  • Long Island Rail Road
  • Magna
  • Master Lock
  • Medtronic
  • Nalgene
  • Newell Brands
  • Proctor & Gamble
  • Sea Ray
  • Stryker
  • Terumo
  • ThermaTru Doors
  • Toto
  • Whirlpool
  • Wiss

Services & Capabilities

  • Industrial Design
  • Product & Service Development
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Design Research
  • Usability Testing
  • Ethnographic Research
  • Use-Case Development
  • Future Scenarios Design
  • Engineering
  • Robotics
  • Prototyping / Model-Making
  • Graphic User Interface
  • Human-Machine Interface
  • Storyboarding
  • Trade Show Property Design

Project Portfolio

  • Hyundai CRADLE : Elevate

    Sundberg-Ferar and Hyundai’s CRADLE team worked together to develop the Elevate concept, which blends technology found in cars and robots to create the first UMV, the Ultimate Mobility Vehicle. Transportation has focused on ‘Last Mile’ solutions in recent years, but this project focuses on the ‘Last 100 meters,’ no matter where they are.

    Sundberg-Ferar started by leading a strategic innovation approach and design research studies to ascertain what mobility solutions for the last 100 meters might look like. After uncovering a large market opportunity for a vehicle that could “walk”, Sundberg-Ferar, together with the CRADLE team mapped out the future scenarios and many potential use cases that lead to the “Elevate” concept. The Sundberg-Ferar team then developed a 1/5-scale articulating model of the UMV as well as a 1/8-scale working proof-of-concept robot. Both were unveiled and demonstrated live at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. 

  • SproutsIO

    SproutsIO is an award-winning automated indoor growing system that enables year-round access to fruits, vegetables and herbs. It optimizes indoor growing with an app-based program allowing the user to control the system’s growing conditions from anywhere at any time.

    Sundberg-Ferar worked closely with the SproutsIO startup in developing the product’s basin architecture accommodating a rich feature list including aeroponic growing functionality, fully compostable and cost-effective disposable seed discs, integration of tomato-cage style plant supports, and water proofing of the complex sensors and electronics within the basin needed to support the accompanying app.

  • Affinity Tool Works: Portacube Miter Saw Work Station

    The Portacube PM-8000 STR Miter Saw Work Station is a compact, portable miter saw workstation and storage center. Designed as a space-saving solution for small workshops and off-site projects, this workstation can serve as a compact or extended worktable and offers temporary or permanent miter saw or table top tool storage.

    Sundberg-Ferar collaborated with Affinity Tool Works to develop this Portacube workstation as a response to persistent problems in the portable work stand category: ease of portability, overall adjustability, vibrational stability and increased work surface area. Together the Sundberg-Ferar and PortaMate teams have made huge strides forward in this category with user-driven research and design approaches.

  • Dannar: Mobile Power Station 4.0

    Sundberg-Ferar collaborated with Dannar to design the company’s latest Mobile Power Station (MPS) in tandem with their visual brand identity. The Dannar MPS 4.0 is a zero-emissions vehicle integrated with high-capacity lithium ion battery packs, making it capable of powering multiple hydraulic tools, or powering a city block, and more. Dannar’s primary goals were to completely deviate from the conventional look of construction and agricultural equipment, and to create a look that would be strongly recognizable even from a mile away to ultimately become an iconic image for the brand.

    Sundberg-Ferar built the full-scale, fully functional prototype of the MPS in their prototyping shop. Designed as a modular platform with real-time interchangeable components, Dannar 4.0 can be configured with or without an operator cab, body enclosures, and platform decks. It is also interchangeable with forklift masts, dump beds, scissor lifts, water tanks, portable light units and interfaces with all standard Caterpillar, Bobcat, or John Deere attachments.

  • Obi: Robotic Feeding Device

    Obi is a robotic feeding companion developed for mobility-impaired individuals. Obi blends cutting edge technology, elegant design, intuitive controls, and personality to deliver a fun and dignified dining experience.

    Sundberg-Ferar worked hand-in-hand with DESῙN, LLC, the creators of Obi, from early design and development all the way through final product confirmation, including conducting in-home qualitative observational research with their target users to discover and ensure the ideal user experience.

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