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Speck Design is a Silicon Valley product design and strategy consultancy. For 20 years, Speck Design has innovated thousands of products that are in your home, hospital, body, power grid, office, automobile, and pocket. Our team of strategists, designers, and engineers employ an unmatched breadth of expert capabilities so that wherever you are in the innovation process, we can ensure that your ideas have a big impact.




  • Google
  • PayPal
  • Cisco
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Uptech
  • Restoration Robotics
  • Ford
  • Drop Water
  • AAA


  • Intuit
  • Renovo Auto
  • Accuray
  • NetApp
  • Vocera
  • Eatsa
  • Facebook
  • Microsoft

Services & Capabilities

  • Industrial design
  • Engineering
  • Brand Design
  • Digital Design
  • NPI and Product Fulfillment
  • Packaging Design
  • Design insights & strategy
  • Interaction design
  • Service design
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Prototype development


Project Portfolio

  • Emist: EX7000

    With the rise of coronavirus, environmental cleaning and surface disinfecting has become more important than ever. Speck Design was approached about designing the new EMist electrostatic backpack sprayer to provide a solution for this unique time.
    We were tasked with creating a design that was to be both simple to use and could be manufactured quickly. Our team worked closely with the EMist engineering team to assess and review their current design and prototype in order to quickly move into a robust design. The goal was to transition it into production at a rate that matched the needs of the COVID-19 pandemic. The EX-7000 model was designed to be more streamlined and easier to use, with a modern look. In addition to its sleek aesthetics, our design addresses multiple ergonomic issues. 51% lighter than other systems, this cordless version can be worn for longer periods of time in any environment and has a nozzle that works for a variety of hand sizes. The streamlined, modern design also boasts an easily removable tank. The tank can be filled with any water-soluble chemical, and EMist’s Electrostatic Spray places a positive charge on droplets, enabling them to spread out evenly and seek out a negative or neutrally charged surface. This wrapping effect creates comprehensive coverage while simultaneously reducing chemical and labor cost.


    Speck Design created a user-intuitive tablet experience that changes the way we interact with smart technology. Project Tango uses computer vision to locate its position relative to its surrounding environment. This 7" tablet can perceive depth, shapes, and objects, similar to the way that humans see the world. These physical relationships are an essential part of how we move through our daily lives.

  • Dropwater

    DropWater came to Speck Design wanting our help to create an industrial design and user experience that was consistent with their brand values. We created a vending machine that uses natural materials and expresses DropWater’s commitment to the planet. The look is exciting, and the user interface is intuitive. Like other vending machines that Speck has designed, the goal was to create a great customer experience.

  • Eatsa: Automated Restaurant

    Speck Design’s team of researchers, designers, and engineers worked closely with Eatsa to create a seamless and personalized food experience. How can technology be used to create a unique eating experience for millennials? Make the food good, fast, and sustainable. The center point of the environment is the transparent touch screen displays that are part of the cubby doors. With Eatsa now being hailed as the new fast-food restaurant of the future, Speck succeeded in creating a fun experience for Eatsa customers.

  • Apple: UPP Hydrogen Fuel Cell

    Apple first approached Speck to design a hydrogen-powered charging device for one of their partners. They knew they could rely on our team to create an elegant solution and a great user experience! Upp was designed to be your personal energy companion, wherever you are in the world. Via simple, single-button operation, Upp powers and charges your USB compatible devices. The Upp fuel cell is refueled using Upp fuel cartridges for uninterrupted personal energy. The two parts are magnetic and simply snap together, ready for use.





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