Prototype Solutions Group

Prototype Solutions Group’s team of project managers, CAD assistants, machinists and model makers work together with you to make sure your prototypes are delivered on-time, on-budget and with the highest level of quality that our customers have come to rely on.  

We have learned over the years that the expectations and requirements of even the simplest functional SLA can differ from one client to another and from one job to another.  We have yet to find an online quoting system that can completely manage the nuances of a single part let alone the complexities of a fully functional prototype. This is why when you partner with us you are assigned a project manager to work directly with you. Our project managers have years of experience managing expectations, budgets and time frames.

So rest assured the next time you need to make your design a reality for SEMA, CES or MDM we will get you there on time, on budget and with a prototype that you can be as proud of as your design.


Project Portfolio

  • Calphalon Coffee Maker

    PROCESSES: CAD, CNC, Laser Etching, Graphics & Finishing  

    This prototype was produced using CNC machined parts from aluminum, ABS and acrylic. The simulated digital display was laser etched and backlit.  Two carafes, a simulated glass and a thermal, were also created. This model was professionally photographed by the client for use in packaging and the web.


  • PROJECT: Goody Combs

    PROCESSES: SLA, Finishing

    These models were made using SLA components and given a presentation finish based on customer-specified colors.


  • PROJECT: HP Flow 8000

    PROCESSES: CAD, CNC, Graphics & Finishing  

    This visual model was cut from several materials including renshape, ABS, aluminum, and acrylic. The aluminum side panels have an embossed logo and a brushed finish, while the front bays are removable and reconfigurable. Several different bay fronts were produced, including lighted power buttons.


  • PROJECT: “Flutter” Concept

    PROCESSES: CAD, CNC, Graphics & Finishing  

    The designer of this visual model was the recipient of the Prop Master’s Choice Award in LG’s “Design the Future” competition.  Commissioned to turn the vision into a functional prototype, PSG provided CAD services to manipulate the supplied 3D data. The model was then machined from various components including ABS, acrylic and aluminum.



    PROCESSES: CNC, SLA, Cast Urethane, Cast Silicone  

    Each helmet assembly consisted of 4 cast silicone parts, 10 cast urethane parts, 18 machined aluminum parts, two textile pieces, and one optically clear vacuum formed lens.   A total of 25 assemblies were produced.


  • PROJECT: Ziba “Oasis” (Full Scale)


    This full scale model was CNC machined from a rigid foam material.


  • PROJECT: Pacemaker Model

    PROCESSES: CAD, CNC, Finishing  

    This oversized scale model was designed after a production pacemaker to be used at trade shows for demonstration purposes.  The model was constructed from a combination of CNC machined acrylic and ABS components as well as aluminum tubing. Custom finishing techniques were applied to meet client specifications.


  • PROJECT: Peace Band To Go Cup

    PROCESSES: SLA, Finishing  

    The band and lid are both of SLA construction.  The bands were finished and painted with a soft touch topcoat while the lid was given a light texture to match the production cup that the parts were assembled to.  


  • PROJECT: Pencil Sharpener

    PROCESSES: SLA, Graphics & Finishing  

    This appearance model was constructed using SLA components.  The prototype was given a presentation finish to match existing products, per client’s specifications.


  • PROJECT: Pet Feeder

    PROCESSES: SLA, Finishing  

    This functional prototype was made from SLA components and finished to match client specifications.


  • PROJECT: St. Jude Medical Model

    PROCESSES: CNC, SLA, Graphics & Finishing  

    The intricate structure of the wires was achieved using SLA components, while the remainder of the components was CNC machined.  At 10 inches in diameter, this oversized display model (approx. 110X) is used as a sales tool at tradeshows.


  • PROJECT: Scotch Scissors

    PROCESSES: CNC, SLA, Graphics & Finishing  

    Made from SLA components, the handles for this line of prototypes were finished and painted with a soft touch topcoat. Production blades complemented the handles.  All parts were assembled and fastened with CNC machined and finished buttons.


  • PROJECT: Spot GPS Handheld

    PROCESSES: CNC, SLA, Cast Urethane, Graphics & Finishing  

    This second generation array of appearance models was completed using a combination of SLA, CNC, and urethane processes.   Soft touch paint, cast low-durometer urethanes, pressure sensitive graphics and customer-supplied pantone colors simulated a production model.


  • PROJECT: Mario Batali Cookware

    PROCESSES: CNC, Faux Finishing  

    These faux cast iron prototypes were CNC machined in Renshape, then finished and painted to match client specifications.


  • PROJECT: Calphalon Teapot

    PROCESSES: CNC, Finishing  

    This model was CNC machined from aluminum and ABS. Radially brushed and top coated, the aluminum was finished to match the appearance of production stainless steel.   The lever and whistle assembly were made to actuate.


  • PROJECT: HP Thin Client Patterns

    PROCESSES: CAD, CNC, Graphics & Finishing

    These visual models have a removable base and side panels in order to provide different appearances for the same basic model.   A total of ten panels were created, each with different graphic style and color. Also included are connectors and a lighted power button.


  • PROJECT: Calphalon Two-Slot Toaster

    PROCESSES: CAD, CNC, Graphics & Finishing  

    This prototype was CNC machined from aluminum, ABS and acrylic.   Earlier versions were used in focus groups to help determine any necessary design changes, while this final version was professionally photographed by the client for use on the web.


  • PROJECT: Philips Tray and Tokens

    PROCESSES: CNC, Graphics & Finishing  

    This prototype was created using CNC machined components.   The tokens were finished with custom paint and graphics as well as made to be removable.






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SLA components (Multiple Resins)
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