Nonfiction is a San Francisco-based creative studio specializing in industrial design, systems design, user experience, engineering, strategy, branding and architecture. We partner with pioneers and thought leaders to push provocative ideas and create meaningful experiences the world has never seen before. Our process explores behaviors, challenges assumptions and delivers products and services that connect with people. We turn science-fiction into reality for a better future. 


Principals as Designers.
Unique to Nonfiction, our directors are also designers and actively involved in every project. They bring 15+ years of design and development experience to every project. They don’t pass the work to junior team members.

Unconventional Methodologies.
When confronted with very complex systems, we put research on pause while leading with intuition, personal experience and logic in order to create truly innovative solutions.

Behavior Design for Behavior Change.
Creating new products requires validating new behaviors. We explore adoption and adherence to generate long lasting and sustainable habits.

A Collaborative Experience.
We engage with stakeholders regularly, gathering critical information and aligning goals. Our process goes beyond design to include supporting roles throughout the development process. An honest, respectful dialogue is the key to any project success.

Lean Product Development.
We work alongside engineering and other partners throughout the development process to ensure design fidelity, mitigate risks, and make the transition from design to manufacturing as smooth as possible.

Long-Term Relationships.
We’re here to build something beautiful together. No time or patience for egos. We help companies grow, attract investment and develop a cohesive product line that drives future growth.

Elevated Design for the Planet.
We believe that creating beautiful, thoughtful and durable products is far more responsible than highly disposable designs. We are always seeking opportunities to create products considerate of through materials, life cycle analysis and sustainability & social impact. 

Not Interested in Doing Boring Stuff.
Designing without shaking things up is a waste of time and money. We’re passionate about using design to turn cutting-edge technologies into reality and provide IP-rich solutions to our clients.

Design for a Better Future.
We turn humans into superhumans. We design transformative and sustainable communities. We influence societies to be part of the conscious revolution.




  • The Ritz-Carlton
  • Halo Neuroscience
  • Cala Health
  • Mistletoe
  • Human
  • Alpine
  • Atari
  • Philips
  • Intel
  • Facebook
  • Comcast
  • Qwake


  • Cortexxus
  • Corning
  • Symantec
  • Marley
  • Scollar
  • BodyMedia
  • Eternal Luxe
  • Tinsel
  • Nummy
  • Dell
  • HP

Services & Capabilities

  • Industrial Design
  • Systems Design
  • Computational Design
  • Sustainable Solutions
  • User Experience Design
  • Human Factors


  • Design Engineering, DFM
  • Architecture & Environmental Design
  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Packaging


Nonfiction has garnered recognition throughout the design world and has been awarded over 20 design and utility patents for innovative new technologies and user experiences.

Project Portfolio

  • Human Headphones

    Human is the reinvention of mobile music where high tech, intuitive user interface, fashion and superior comfort merge to create a never-seen-before experience. The headphones and interactions feel natural, and less like a piece of consumer electronics attached to the body.

    Comfort, easy donning, stability weight, driver and mic positions have been considered to create the optimum user experience. In all, more than 700 3D prints were required to refine the ergonomics of the headphones. 

    The touch-control system transcends other touch technologies by taking advantage of the device's outer real estate. Using natural human gestures, listeners can execute multiple playback controls -- including volume adjustment, pause, play, skip a track, replaying a track, accept/deny call, and additional feature controls.

  • Halo Sport 2

    Halo Sport 2 is a neuro-stimulating wearable that leverages the brain's plasticity to improve athletic performance. By priming neuro pathways during intense warmups, top athletes push the boundaries of their motor skills. The US Olympic Cyclist Team sees so much potential in Sport 2 that they've made it a key component in their training routine. This technology is now available to all at an attainable price, unleashing your potential to learn movement faster.

    Extensive research aligned the Sport 2 to its primary use case – the fitness market. Secondary use cases include playing guitar or piano because the brain learns each of these movements the same way – via the motor cortex. While the pathways may differ, they're all created through repetition and plasticity.

    Close collaboration between science and engineering teams led to a product that addresses human factors, durability, and reliability concerns. Nonfiction helped to reduce costs through innovative solutions including the design of the replaceable foam primers, headband construction and various mechanical components.

  • Volo Airlines

    Volo is a future-forward airline focused on peace of mind. It celebrates the journey as much as the destination. It is designed with comfort, convenience and inclusivity in mind. Routine events are handled by drink stations and self-serve vending machines, so flight attendants can focus on passenger relationships and other essential services. Flight attendants manage sleeping pods, work booths, and child focused areas like mother nursing and play areas. The redesigned seating layout is curved to give more leg room and make sure no one is ever more than one seat from the aisle. Touchless, gesture activated interfaces maintain hygienic conditions. Entertainment screens fold down and are augmented reality (AR) enabled, so travelers can watch movies while still being engaged in the world around them. Additionally, the screens reduce exposure to airborne contaminants. Other details include antiviral fabrics and surfaces, integrated infrared UV disinfection, and lighting synced to circadian rhythms to reduce jet lag. Volo provides a superior experience by focusing on user lifestyle and more considerate human factors while balancing industry needs.

  • White Cosmetics

    White Cosmetics offers a line of makeup and skincare that embodies the high tech nature of today's needs in beauty regimens. Whether you are a novice or a veteran of high-end skincare, the White Cosmetics numbering system assists with the correct order of application for each product. Start things off with the 01. Moisturizer, then 02. Sunscreen base, 03. Face makeup, 04. Eyes, 05. Lips, etc. The gender inclusive design speaks to both men and women and easily fits in any daily routine. 

  • Intel

    Intel sought a design language for its wireless charging technology as elevated as their client, Emirates Airlines. A thorough exploration of the brand and user experience led to a solution that is subtle, blending in at a distance, yet richly detailed upon closer inspection. In this case, ventilation ports provide the perfect opportunity to address thermodynamic considerations. These meticulous details integrate flawlessly into the first-class lounge narrative. Back painted, translucent materials and a beautiful play on geometry and shadows support the form and function.

  • Eternal Luxe

    The Eternal Luxe, Shuttle Collection is made in collaboration with Divka, a Tokyo based fashion house. Drawing upon traditional leather skills, handcrafted by local artisans, the collection is modern, yet timeless. It offers a distinctive take on the every day handbag, with beautiful custom-dyed leather, signature loop handle and exclusive leather-covered wood slats at the bottom. The collection includes the Shuttle duffel, barrel bag, clutch and wallet. Its construct is purposeful and will last a lifetime. 





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