Modern Edge

At Modern Edge we help you identify and develop ideas that connect meaningfully with your consumers and their needs. Our process creates opportunity from imagination. We work with you to organize and harvest the best ideas from the process and determine which ones have real market viability and manufacturing feasibility.

Modern Edge is about integration and innovation in service of the optimal customer experience and market growth model. Because we are often tasked with taking our own research into product development and production, we are disciplined in creating research results which are both strategic and actionable. Because we work in multiple industries we often bring a fresh approach to our client’s industry resulting in a competitive advantage for them. Employ a collaborative work model that puts the best minds around the table to create new business opportunities and new revenue models for your business.


Contact: Stephanie Battista
Address: 2114 S.E. 9th Street, Portland, OR 97214
Phone: 503-477-9961
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