Lenovo Design was found in the year of 1996. In the past 30 years, we are responsible for the entire product line of Lenovo. We optimize the product experience through consumer centric innovative strategy, providing Lenovo customers leading, diverse and emotional services.

Lenovo Design is an innovative design team that built with multiple professions. We have a group of enthusiastic designers, engineers, researchers and strategists who are passionate about innovation. We locate in multiple places, including China mainland, Hong Kong, United States, Japan and Germany. It makes us better understand the local culture, consumer lifestyle from different countries and certainly enhance the connection between brand and customer.

Lenovo products represent high-quality, secure and holistic experience. It covers a wide range of brands including multimode YOGA, legendary Think and regenerated MOTO. From premium to mainstream, Lenovo branded products have lived up to the customers’ expectations and make Lenovo a respectful brand.

Contact Information

Shangdi West Road No. 6
Haidian district, Beijing, China
Contact Name: FengLang Li