Headquartered in Cincinnati, we are an innovation and product design firm with five locations and more than 80 employees. We create products and experiences that grow businesses and improve lives by leveraging our expertise at the intersection of consumer insights, technology and health and wellness. We call this Purpose Driven Innovation™.

Kaleidoscope also provides onsite staffing for industrial designers, design engineers, electrical engineers and UX / UI designers through its division K’Source.

Why choose Kaleidoscope?

Our philosophy to improve life leads to business growth.

We design for people.

Whether we are inventing a medical device that reduces recovery time or helping shape the future of consumer goods, we start with a deep understanding of users’ needs and our partners’ challenges. We fuse this with our rich expertise in cultural trends, physiology, psychology and the latest technology to deliver solutions that improve lives.

We believe in the promise of purposeful design.

Purpose helps us create iconic and meaningful solutions. These solutions are told simply and beautifully. It is not easy to create products that people understand even before they pick them up, but this is what we strive for.

Value for people ignites value for businesses.

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