Our home is Cincinnati, USA
Headquartered in Cincinnati, Kaleidoscope Innovation, an Infosys Company, is a full-service product development firm innovating across medical, consumer and industrial markets. We are a multi-disciplinary team made up of 160+ creative problem solvers. For over 30 years clients have partnered with Kaleidoscope to improve the human experience. We know one-size-does-not-fit-all to achieve product development success, so we make ourselves flexible to work with, offering a dual model for partnership. Although most of our team is located and headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, our Onsite Services model embeds expert designers, engineers or human factors personnel onsite with our clients’ teams, enabling even more seamless collaboration.
Our focus is end-to-end product development
We conduct strategic research to uncover actionable human insights and define market white space, innovation opportunities and new product concepts. We leverage our deep understanding of people, technology and business to define, design, prototype and develop products, services and experiences, bringing those concepts to reality.

The product development process continues with concept creation and refinement, often starting in a brainstorm workshop and maturing from there. We quickly prototype, whether that is a 3D print or a digital wireframe, to better understand and test our constraints. We invite users —no matter who that user may be—into our process to help us course-correct and down-select to a more defined path forward.

As we increase the fidelity of our concepts, we need to ensure they are realistic and achievable. Our Design and Engineering teams collaborate alongside Human Factors to deliver products that will be readily accepted by both the market and our clients’ business needs.
In-house laboratories
To further support our commitment to user-centered product development, we have upgraded our Cincinnati innovation ecosystem to now include:

  • A medical wet lab that allows us to conduct simulated surgery and usability studies to put our prototypes to the test.
  • An advanced usability lab with three experience rooms, equipped with remotely operated pan-tilt-zoom cameras and microphones, where researchers can gain a bird’s-eye view as well as study user interactions up close.
  • An electromechanical lab where we ensure robustness by pushing our devices to their limits and beyond.
  • A virtual reality lab enables realization of whole environments for our clients—and their customers—to interact with proposed products.
  • A model shop and 3D print lab to facilitate lightning-fast design and engineering iteration cycles.
  • And a world-class advanced prototyping shop, filled with the equipment and expert machinists to create high-precision, high-quality prototypes for even the most demanding use scenarios.





Matt Suits
4362 Creek Road
Cincinnati, OH 45241