IN2 Innovation

In2 Innovation - the most direct path from concept to cash.

Clarifying a creative vision, the spark of inspiration that drives all breakthrough product ideas, begins by weighing real business goals and technology targets with what end-users ultimately want and need. New opportunities are discovered through rapid research techniques and refined into marketable ideas that become truly desirable product concepts.

Innovation requires design inspiration to be in perfect balance with development integration.

Moving from concept to reality takes a solid integration plan – the ability to take a product off the drawing board and successfully launch it to the marketplace. Expertise in product development and global sourcing is crucial to determining the most effective path from the initial design to the production delivery.

In2 Innovation fully understands both the Inspiration Cycle and Integration Process, and is committed to getting them right. We give equal weight to the creative vision and the operational reality, creating our uniquely balanced approach to Strategic New Product Design and Development – uncovering the most direct path from concept to cash.

In2 Innovation – creating breakthrough products by balancing vision and reality, from Inspiration to Integration.

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