DUO Design

DUO Design is the partnership of industrial design + architecture. This partnership inspired not only the name of the design firm, but also the culture within the firm itself. We are designers, architects, paradigm shifters, researchers, critical thinkers, and experts in aesthetics, ergonomics, functionality, and usability. DUO Design utilizes the brain-trust and experience of all our designers to create the most comprehensive and thoughtful products. Excelling in a multi-disciplinary industry allows DUO to provide our clients with an unparalleled perspective.

DUO also strives to combine both collaboration and leadership to assist our clients in realizing their dreams. We specialize in truly listening to the needs of our clients and creating relationships. We understand that our clients have come to us with their livelihood and we take that trust very seriously. At DUO Design, we believe that innovation and entrepreneurship will make the world a better place.

Whether its conceptual design, packaging, prototyping, or engineering, the full suite of services at DUO allows entrepreneurs, inventors, and individuals to realize the full potential of their ideas. The collaboration between industrial design and architecture allows DUO to see the project from multiple perspectives and ideations.

DUO Design is a strong company that is grounded in integrity. Our experience connects us to the established industry and our vision takes us beyond. Where collaboration and trust lead, innovation follows.



Michael R. Porth, IDSA
Principal + Industrial Designer

45 W. Jefferson St., Suite 806
Phoenix, Arizona 85003

(o) 480.360.0682
(d) 480.360.0680
(c) 480.221.7085
(e) mporth@duodesign.org