Crown Equipment is one of the world’s largest material handling companies. Crown’s award-winning line of forklifts maintains a reputation for advanced product design, engineering and technology, and integrated manufacturing processes. Offering a broad range of forklifts, as well as automation and fleet management technologies, Crown seeks to provide customers with forward thinking and innovative products designed to improve performance and lower operating costs. Headquartered in New Bremen, Ohio, Crown offers products that are defining the future of warehouse logistics throughout the world.

Crown’s approach to industrial product design focuses on advanced ideas for lift truck operator productivity, safety and product lifespan. Innovative ideas, supported by real-world observation and expert analysis, inspire Crown to produce superior forklifts and technology. Its dedication to researching the human to forklift relationship produces forklifts designed with the highest capacities and speeds for the most productivity. To see how forklift design is improving the way people work click here.


Address: 44 South Washington St.
New Bremen, OH 45869
Phone: 419-629-2311